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Revisión - Oct. 1979 II-52 Mitla
JK Josserand

1. - 'nčika 'nčii sol

2.'žoo [luna]

3.- čo'dini [estrella]

4.-'dau [lluvia]

5.- 'ńurma [humo]

6. 'nduči tnuu [frijoltnegro]

7.- 'kači 'kwiši [algodon=blanco]

8.- iñu žtkt iñu lizli
[seis] [calabazas-sopima] [chicas]

9.- tt tnušii kani [ww-rifle-largo]

[x=velar fricative]
[+= juncture (consent. phase)]

{all d= except nd]
[occasionals slips g ü=[w] probably /k^w/]
[x=[š] which usually corresponds to * x]
[It is possible that most /n č/ are [n j] I didn't listen for that]
[io=hay] [stative (loc)]