Revisión - Oct. 1979 II-52 Mitla
JK Josserand

Transcripción -
Raúl Alavez

Notes in right margin:

x = velar fricative
+ = juncture (const. phase) written in blue pen

→ all d = đ except nd

occasionals slips
gü = [w], probably /kw/ "w" in "/kw/" is superscript
x = [š] which usually corresponds to * x

It is possible that most /nč/ are [nj] I didn't listen for that

io = hay stative (loc)

Main text:

1. - 'nčika 'nčii sol
gloss under "'nčika" is "seno"; gloss under "'nčii" is "se ve el rayo del sol"

2. 'žoo luna

3.- čo'dini estrella

4.- 'dau lluvia

5.- 'ñuʔma humo

6. 'nduči tnuu frijol + negro

7.- 'kači 'kwiši algodon + blanco

8.- iñu žɨkɨ~ iñu liʔli seis calabazas chicas
gloss under "iñu" is "seis"; gloss under "žɨkɨ iñu" is "calabazas-espina"; gloss under "liʔli" is "chicas"

9.- ɨ~ɨ~ tnušii kani un-rifle-largo

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