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26— Los cuatro curnos, va a cortar él.
nd+ `kumi~ `nd+k+ `keʔnde 't[y~?]a~ [note: the "y" in the last word seems to have ogonek under it but y-ogonek is not anticipated in the "special symbols" list]
keʔndede [note: keʔndede is written beneath `keʔnde, in small letters]

27— Están creciendo los muchachos.
ta `saʔnund+ te `kwečia `kwa˜ʔa˜

28— Canta la mujer.
`šita ña`d+ʔd+

29— Ella sabe cantar.
šini sya˜ kataši

30— Va a reir el niño porque está contento.
`kweku te `liʔli `iʔa či 'kud++ `inide
ia [note: ia is written beneath `iʔa]