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shore of the river Maranon, near the port of Cu-

CAUIANA, an island of the N. sea; situate in
the middle of the mouth of the large river Ma-

CAUIJA, a lake of the province and govern-
ment of Guayana or Nueva Andalucia. It is n.
of that of Ipava, from whence, according to some,
the river Orinoco takes its rise.

CAUINAS, an ancient and barbarous nation of
the province of Charcas in Peru, which was
bounded by the nation of the Canches ; here was
a superb palace belonging to the Incas, built
upon the top of an high mountain, the remains of
which are yet to be seen near the settlement of
Urcos, and those of Querquesana and Quiquijana,
these being about nine miles distant from the afore-
said palace.

CAUIUSARI, a river of the province and go-
vernment of San Juan de los Llanos in the Nuevo
Reyno de Granada
. It rises in the mountains of
the country of the Guames Indians, runs e. for
many leagues, and enters the Apure,

CAUJUL, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimienio of Caxatambo in Peru ; annexed to the
curacy of Andajes.

CAUMARES, a barbarous nation inhabitingthe
woods which lie upon the banks of the river Ma-
ranon towards the n. Some of them were reduced
to the faith by the missionaries of the extinguished
company of Jesuits of the province of Mainas, and
formed part of the population of the settlement of
San Ignacio de Pevas.

CAUN, a settlement of the missions which were
held by the regulars of the company of the Jesuits,
in the province of Cinaloa.

CAUO, or Couvo, a river of the province and
government of Guayana. It runs towards the e.
and enters the sea, at the distance of leagues
from the mouth of the river Aprovaca : its banks
on the e. side are inhabited by some barbarous In-
dians of the Yaus nation.

CAXJOS, a barbarous nation of Indians who in--
habit the woods to the vs. of the river Putumayo.
They are thought to be a branch or tribe of the
Abives, and are but little known.

CAL'QUE, a settlement of the kingdom and
presidency of Guatemala.

CAUQUENES, a river of the kingdom and
government of Chile. It rises in the mountains of
its cordillera.^ and enters the Maule.

CAUQUICURA, an ancient and large province
of the kingdom of Peru, to the s. of Cuzco. It
was conquered and united to the monarchy by
Mayta Capac, fourth Emperor.

CAUQUIS, a nation of Indians of the kingdom
of Chile, and one of the most warlike and valorous,
who resisted and put a check to the conquests of
Yupanqui, eleventh Emperor of Peru, obliging
liim to retreat with his army to Coqnimbo.

CAURA, a large and copious river of the pro-
vince of Guayana, and government of Cumana.
It rises in some very lofty sierras, and its shores
are inhabited by many Indiatis, wlio retreat hither
when pursued by the Caribes, who are accustonicd
to kill the adults, and to ko('p as prisoners tlie
women and children, iit order to sell them to the
Dutch. This river is the largest of the kingdom
of Tierra Firme ever discovered since that of the
Orinoco. It runs 60 leagues before it enters into this
latter river, through chains of rocks, which so im-
pede its navigation as to render it unsafe for any
but very small craft. On its shores are two forts,
one at tlie mouth, where it enters theOritsoco ; and
the other at its mid-course. The Maranon and
the Orinoco also communicate with it by an arm
which is very considerable, and is called the Rio

Caura, a settlement of the jurisdiction of the
town of San Gil, in the Nuevo Reyno de Gra.-

CAURANTA, a settlement of the province and
government of Cumaná ; situate on the coast and ivt
the point of Paria.

CAURE, a small river of the province and go-
vernment of San Juan de los Llanos in the Nuevo
Reyno de Granada
. It rises opposite that city, to-
wards the s. and then enters the Ariari.

CAURI, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimienlo of Tarma in Peru ; annexed to the cu-
racy of Cayna.

CAURIMPO, a settlement of the province and
government of Cinaloa ; situate between the forts
Rio and Mayo. It is n reduccion of the missions
which were held by the regulars of the company of

CAUSAN, a river of the ])rovince and colony
of Georgia, is the same as that of the name of
Combaiii. It runs till it enters the sea.

CAUTE, a small river of the island of Cuba,
W'hich runs rw. and enters the sea.

CAUTEN, a large river of the kingdom of
Chile, in the district and province of Repocura.
It rises in the district of Maquegua, runs continu-
ally from e. to vs. collecting the waiters of many
other rivers, in such a gentle and mild course, that
it has also acquired the name of Las Damns. It
passes before the Ciudad Imperial, and enters the
S. sea. It is 500 toises broad at its mouth, and of
sufficient depth to admit of a ship of the line ; at