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mass of very small and a few large gold leafs; also a
massive golden belt ofenormous size with the [?] to
fasten it. Very curious is the packing of the precious vases
and other objects in the large bronze vessel. Very curious is
it also that the bronze vessels were all stack the one in the


[?] [?] 14/26 [?] 1876
[?] 16

Mycenae 28 Novb Only today resumed work on the arrival
of [?], [?], continued the excavation of the same tomb [we?]
found the bones of 4 [?] persons, thus in all 6,. 2 of whom
must [or?] all [?] be women, as I conclude from the wellness of
the teeth and the [funeral?] ornaments. All must be royal personages
for they were all covered with gold. Found there:
2 [?] with [?] and
1 large female comb of gold with teeth of bone
many bone buttons
a vast quantity of goldleafs
1 necklace of amber
1 large breastplate of gold

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