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Mycenae 25 Novb (Saturday) 1876: We began this morning the fol
lowing tomb; that one over which was the cyclopean sacrificial altar;
found there at once +the bones of a man and five large+ -a number of- bronze vessels, in one of which exact
ly 100 large & small, beautifully engraved buttons representing spiral
lines or (symbol); further a large silvered [cowhead?] (gilded) with two long
horns of pure gold, which had evidently been stuffed with wood, for
they were still now filled with half rotten wood. There was further found
a heap of bronze lances and swords, some still retaining part of
their wooden sheath; many had still remenants of the [?]
wood of their handles, at the end of which was a bone or alabaster
button well adjusted by 4 protruding pieces and by 4 perforations; all
these weapons were in a bad state of preservation and the majority
crumbled away before our eyes. Many of the lance-shafts had been
partially preserved; but the wood cleaves and disappears. There were
a very great many pieces of wood which had been gilded and a num
ber of bronze objects like [wise?] gilded. Also 5 vases of gold; one
with a pigeon on either side. +of+ these vases 3 at least were drinking
cups. In clearing the soil from 6 to [11?] we found the bones of another
[?] with immense bones; there were also 5 bronze vessels, one of
which contained a number of silver vases and part of the gold-
ones above referred to; also 100 large & small buttons. In
all were found 9 silver vases, but only 3 of them - the one a
beautiful [?], are entire. There was an innumerable

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