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3 golden masks which covered the faces of the [persons ?]; one of [them?]
the face of an old woman as appears from the cracked and old teeth
the [comb?] and other female ornaments; this body also wore the
great breastplate; the mask covered the head entirely, whose
broken bones are saved
2 small gold vessels
2 gold vaseswith 1 handle
3 handles of swords covered with gold plates
[innumerable?] gold buttons of [?]
3 golden girdles or belts, 1 of which of immense length
1 small wine [jar?] of gold
1 large vase with 2 handles/[?]
1 large bracelet weighing at least 100 [grams]
1 thin [?]
2 golden fingerrings, the one representing a hunting the others a battle
1 broken silver vessel
1 golden helmet
1 small lion
3 large breastpins, one representing a [?] goat
1 vessel of lead in form of a stag with long horns
large quantity of other ornaments
25 arrows of [silver?]
1 gold ornament of a [?]
13 larger kettles [or?] casseroles
many small or large swords, some with alabaster, other with
wooden [?] handle [?] which had been gilded
also knifes
no trace of iron, nor glass
many brass [batteanes?] like those of Troy

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