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Questionnaire I-58 Syntax of Santiago Yosondua The municipality of Yosondua Former Tlaxiaco district.
February 10, 1978 recorded in Mitta on tape, Mitla 2 side 2
investigator Josserand
what is your name ?: Juventine Martinez and your age: 31 years
Where was you born?: In Yoserdua.
In a rancheria?: El Alacran.
Do you still reside there?: yes, right there.
How long have you lived there?: Since of birth
You have not lived outside? No, outside no
And your education, up to what year?: Primary, all of primary
And do you read and write? Yes
Also the Mixteco: Yes too.
And other languages you speak ? just Spanish.
What is this sanstila: This is how the costellana is said
What is the name of the Mixteco?: Sansau
In the house, with your wife and children what do y'all speak?: - the same, Sansau
Is Mixtece spoken in the house ?: Mixteco and Spanish are also spoken.
Also Spanish: also Spanish with the children.

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