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Southern Chapter of the American Institute of Architects,


BIRMINGHAM, ALA., JAN. 10th, 1893.

The Second Annual Convention of the Southern Chapter of
the American Institute of Architects was called to order Jan-
uary 10, 1893, at 12 o'clock M., in the parlors of the Caldwell
Hotel, Birmingham, Ala., by Mr. A. C. Bruce, of Atlanta,
Ga., President.

On behalf of the architects of Birmingham, an address of
welcome was made by Mr. Chas. Wheelock, and also by Mr.
Fox, Mayor of Birmingham, and was responded to by the
President and Vice-President.

A recess was then taken.

2.30 P. M. On reassembling the roll was called and the
following Fellows were in attendance upon the Convention,
viz.: A. C. Bruce, Atlanta, Ga.; D. B. Woodruff, Macon,
Ga.; W. S. Smith, Birmingham, Ala.; T. H. Maddox, Bir-
mingham, Ala.; D. A. Helmich, Birmingham, Ala.; Chas.
Wheelock, Birmingham, Ala.; L. F. Goodrich, Augusta,
Ga.; C. C. Burke, Memphis, Tenn.; E. G. Lind, Atlanta,
Ga.; Jas. M. Maddox, Birmingham, Ala.; W. P. Tinsley,
Lynchburg,.Va.: F. L. Rousseau, Birmingham, Ala.

The President, Mr. A. C. Bruce, of Atlanta, delivered the
following address:

Officers, Members and Friends of the Southern Chapter:

It is with pleasure I meet you at this our second annual convention,
and in laying down the office to which your partiality elevated me a year
ago, it seems proper that I should briefly describe what we have endeav-