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linas and that of Chirgua, in the space left by
these rivers as they run to enter the Portuguesa.

CULEBRAS, rio de, a settlement of the same
province and government (Venezuela) as is the former lake ;
situate on the sliore of the river Yaraqui, to the e.
of the town of San Felipe.

CULEBRAS, RIO DE, an island of the N. sea,
near the coast of the province and government of
Cartagena, at the entrance of the large river of La

CULEBRILLAS, a small island of the S. sea,
in the bay of Panama, of the province and go-
vernment of Tierra Firme; is one of those
which Ibrm with that of Perico the port of this
name. .

CULIACAN, a province and alcald'm mayor
of the kingdom of Nueva Galicia ; bounded n.
and n. e. by the province of Cinaloa, s. by that of
Copala, s. w. by the kingdom of Niieva Fizcaya,
s. by that of Chiamatlan, and w. by the gulf of
California. It is 60 leagues in length and 50 in
Avidth. It is fertile, apd abounds in all sorts of
productions; is watered by various rivers, par-
ticularly the Umaya, Avhich is very large, and in
which are caught great quantities offish. It emp-
ties itself into the S. sea, in the port of Navitoos.
It abounds in various earths, salt, and silver
mines, and in many settlements of Mexican In-
dians, reduced by the missionaries of the religion
of St. Francis. The capital is of the same name.

CULIACAN, with the dedicatory title of San Mi-
guel, a town which was founded by Nunez de
Guzman in 1531 ; situate on the banks of a small
river, Avhich afterwards unites itself Avith the
Umaya. It is 160 leagues from Guadalaxara,
and 260 from Mexico. The other settlements of
this province are,

Cozela Real de Minas==, ==Binapa,
Tacuchameta==, ==Baita.


CULIACAN, a settlement of the intendancy
of Sonora in Nueva Espana, celebrated in the
Mexican history under the name of Hueicol-
huacan. The population is estimated at 10,800

CULIACAN, a river of this province (Sonora), which di-
vides the jurisdiction of the same from that of Ci-
naloa. It runs into the sea at the entrance of the
gulf of California, or Mar Roxo de Cortes. At its
mouth or entrance are some very dangerous shoals
of the same name. See St. Michael.

CULLI, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Canta in Peru j annexed to the cu-
racy of Pari.

CULLOUMAS, a settlement of Indians, of ths
province and colony of Georgia ; situate on the
shore of the river Apalachicola.

CULLOUMAS, a settlement of the province and
corregirnienlo of Canta in Peru ; annexed to the-
curacy of San Buenaventura.

CULLUE, a large lake of the province and
corregimiento of Tarma in Peru. From it is
formed the canal Avhich empties itself into the
river Paria.

CULLURI, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Paria in Peru ; annexed to the
curacy of Toledo.

CULLURQUI, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Cotabambas in Peru, in the vici-
nity of which, in an estate for breeding cattle, is a
poor chapel of Santa Rosa, and near to this two
very large rocks, Avhich, being touched with small
stones, send forth a sound similar to bells of the
best temper and metal.

CULPEPPER, a county in Virginia, between
the Blue ridge and the tide waters, which con-
tains 22,105 inhabitants, of whom 8226 are slaves.
The court-house of this county is 45 miles from
Fredericksburg, and 95 from Charlottesville.]

CULTA, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Paria in Peru ; annexed to the cu-
racy of Condocondo.

CULTEPEQUE, a settlement of the real of
the silver mines of the province and alcaldia
mayor of Tlaxcala in Nueva Espana.

CULUACAN, San Lucas de, a settlement of
the head settlement and alcatdia mayor of Yzucár
in Nueva Espana. It contains 50 tamilies of In-
dians, and Avas formerly the capital of the juris-
diction. Here there still remain some baths of
warm water, celebrated for the cure of many in-
firmities. It is two leagues to the s. Avith a slight
inclination to the 5. e. of its head settlement.

CUMA, San Antonio de, a town of the pro-
vince and captainship of Marañan in Brazil. It
contains a good parish-church, two convents of
monks, one of the order of Carmen, and the other
of La Merced ; and at a short distance from the
town is a house Avhich was the residetice of the re-
gulars of the company of .Jesuits. This town be-
longs to the lordship of the house of Antonio Al-
burquerque Coello de Carballo. It is three leagues
from its capital.

CUMA, San Antonio de, another settlement in
this province and kingdom (Marañan Brazil); situate near the coast
and the cape of its name.

CUMA, San Antonio de. This cape is .also
in the same captainship^ (Marañan) between a bar and the
bay of Cabelo de Yelha. The aforesaid bar is a