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papas; likewise in cattle, from the fleeces of which
great quantities of woven clotlis are made. Its
'population amounts to 150 house-keepers and 100
Indians. Four leagues to the s. w. of its capital,
and near to the settlement of Turmeque.

CHIROBIO, a river of the province and go-
vernment of Venezuela. It runs e. and enters the
sea opposite the island Tarata.

CHIRTA, a settlement of the province and
corregimienlo of Chachapoyas in Peru ; annexed
to the curacy of Yambrasbamba.

CHIRU, a settlement of the alcaldia mayor
and jurisdiction of Penonome in the kingdom and
government of Tierra Firme ; situate on the shore
of the S. sea, upon an extensive plain.

Same name, a river of this jurisdiction, which rises
in the mountains of Penonome, and enters the S.
sea near the settlement of Anton.

Same name, a very small island of the same juris-
diction, close upon the coast, and called El Fa-

CHISAHALO, a settlement of the
province and corregimienlo of Tacunga in the
kingdom of Quito.

==CHISCAS, a settlement of the province and
corregimienlo of Tunja in the Nuevo Reyno de
Granada ; situate at the foot of the Snowy sierra^
and therefore of a cold and unpleasant temperature.
Its productions correspond with those of a similar
climate ; it contains about 80 Indians, with a very
few whites. Thirty-two leagues n. e. of Tunja.

CHISGAS, Paramo de, a very lofty
mountain covered with eternal snow, in the province
and government of San Juan de los Llanos of the
Nuevo Reyno de Granada, between the rivers
Apure and Sinaruco.

CHISLOCA, a settlement of the province and
corregimienlo of Chichas and Tarija in Peru ; be-
longing to the district of the former. It is annexed
to the curacy of Tupisa.

CHISME, a settlement of the head settlement
of Puxmecatan, and alcaldia mayor of Villalta.
It contains 71 families of Indians, and lies 18
leagues from its capital.

CHISPAS, Punta de las, a point on the s.
coast and w. head of the island of St. Domingo,
in the territory possessed by the French ; lying
between the settlement and parish of the English,
and the point of Burgados.

CHISQUE, a settlement of the province and
corregimienlo of Canta in Peru ; annexed to the
curacy of Atabillos Altos.

CHISQUILLA, a settlement of the province
and corregimienlo of Chachapoyas in Peru.

[CHISSEL, a fort in the state of Tennessee,
two miles and a half from English ferry, on New
river, 43 from Abingdon, and 107 from Long
island, on Holston.]

CHITA, a province and corregimienlo of the
Nuevo Reyno de Granada, and vice-royalty of
Santa Fe. It was formerly called Chisca. It is
bounded w. by the province of Bogota, and n. by
the country bt the Laches Indians, or province of
Cochuy, and e. and s. by the llanuras of the
Orinoco. It was discovered by George Spira, a
German, and he was the first who entered it with
his companions in 1535. This territory is fertile,
abounds in wheat and maize, the grain of which is
extremely large, as also in other seeds, and has
goats and neat cattle in plenty. It is of an hot
and unhealthy temperature, and has palms similar
to those of Palestine and Barbary, producing ex-
cellent dates. The capital is of the same name.
This is situate at the foot of the mountains of Bo-
gota ; it is a large settlement, and was formerly en-
titled a city. Its inhabitants consist of upwards
of 700 whites and about 200 Indians. Twenty-
four leagues to the n. e. of Tunja.

Same name, another settlement, which is the head
settlement of the district of the alcaldia mayor of
Villalta in Nueva Espana. It is of a mild tempe-
rature, contains 90 families of Indians, and is three
leagues and a half to the s. of its capital.

CHITAGA, Punta de, a bridge in the
province and government of Merida, to the s. of
the city of Pamplona, and upon the river of this

CHITANOS, a barbarous nation of Indians;
bounded by that of the Chiscas, but distinct from
it, in the Nuevo Reyno de Granada. They in-
habit the woods to the n. e. of the mountains of
Bogota and the shores of the rivers Ele, Cuiloto,
and Arauca ; are an intractable and. cruel people,
and dreaded by all their neighbours. In 1535,
having joined company with the Jiraras, they
took and destroyed the city of Las Palmas.

CHITARAQUE, a settlement of the corregi-
mienlo and jurisdiction of Velez in the Nuevo
Reyno de Granada, it is of an hot but healtliy
temperature, produces yucas, maize, plantains,
cotton, and great quantities of sugar, from which
are made fine and much esteemed conserves.

CHITAREROS, a barbarous and brutal
nation of Indians of the Nuevo Reyno de Granada,
who inhabit the mountains in the vicinity of Pam-
plona ; they are mixed with some families of the
Laches. This nation is extremely numerous, and
pass a wandering life without any fixed abode ;
they go entirely naked, and are much given to sen-
sual gratifications ; some of them have embraced