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and government of Tucumán, in the jurisdiction
of the city of Santiago del Estero, on the shore of
the river Choromoros.

(CHAUDIERE River, a s. e. water of the St.
, rising in Lincoln and Hancock coun-
ties, in the district of Maine. The carrying place
from boatable waters in it, to boatable Avaters in the
Ketmebeck, is only five miles.)

(CHAUDIERE Falls are situate about nine miles
above Quebec, on the opposite shore, and about
three or four miles back from the river St. Law-
rence, into which the river Chaudiere disembogues
itself. The river is seen at a distance, emerging
from a thick wood, and gradually expanding
from an almost imperceptible stream till it reaches
die cataract, whose breadth is upwards of 360
feet. Here the disordered masses of rock, which
iippear to have been rent from their bed by some
violent convulsion of nature, break the course of
the waters, and precipitate them from a height of
120 feet into an immense chasm below. In some
parts large sheets of water roll over the precipice,
and fall unbroken to the bottom ; while in other
places the water dashes from one fragment of the
rock to another, with wild impetuosity, bellow-
ing and foaming with rage in every hollow and
cavity that obstructs its progress ; from thence it
rushes down with the rapidity of lightning into
the boiling surge beneath, where it rages with in-
conceivable fury, till driven from the gulf by
fresh columns, it hurries away and loses itself in
the waters of the St. Lawrence. The scenery
which accompanies the cataract of Chaudiere is
beautiful and romantic beyond description. In
the centre, a large fragment of rock, which first
divides the water, at the summit of the precipice,
forms a small island ; and a handsome fir-tree,
which grows upon it, is thus placed in a most
singular and picturesque situation. The forest on
either side the river consists of firs, pines, birch,
oak, ash, and a variety of other trees and shrubs,
intermingled in the most wild and romantic man-
ner. Their dark green foliage, joined with the
brown and sombre tint of the rocky fragments over
which the water precipitates itself, form a strik-
ing and pleasing contrast to the snowy white-
ness of the foaming surge, and the columns of
sparkling spray which rise in clouds and mingle
with the air.)

CHAUGE, a settlement of Indians of S.
; situate on the shore of the river

CHAUICO, San Pedro de, a settlement of
the head settlement of Tlacotepec, and alcaldía


mayor of Juxtlahuaca, in Nueva España. It con-
tains 57 families of Indians.

CHAUIN, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Castro-Vireyna in Peru ; annexed
to the curacy of Chupamarca in the province of

Chauin, another settlement in the province
and corregimiento of Caxamarquilla in Peru.

CHAUINA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Lucanas in the same kingdom ;
annexed to the curacy of Paraisancos.

CHAUINILLOS, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Huamalies in the same king-
dom ; annexed to the curacy of Pachas.

CHAUITAS, La Presentacion de, a settle-
ment of the province and government of Mainas in
the kingdom of Quito.

CHAULAN, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Huanuco in Peru ; annexed to
the curacy of Huacar.

CHAUNAMILLA, a settlement of the pro-
vince and corregimiento of Maule in the kingdom
of Chile ; situate upon the shore and at the source
of the river Jecudahue.

CHAUPICOS, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Canta in Peru ; annexed to
the curacy of Atabillos Baxos.

CHAUPIMARCA, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Tarma in Peru ; annexed to
the curacy of Tapú.

CHAUTLAN, a settlement of the province
and alcaldía mayor of Zoques in the kingdom of

CHAUX, PUNTA DE, an extremity of the e.
coast of the island of Martinique, one of the An-
tilles. It runs into the sea nearly equal with that
of Carabelle.

CHAXAL, a river of the province and alcaldía
mayor of Chiapa in the kingdom of Guatemala.
It runs e. and enters the sea in the gulf of Hi-

CHAYANTA, or Charcas, a province and
corregimiento of Peru, bounded n. by that of Co-
chabamba, n. w. by the corregimiento of Oruro, e.
by the province of Yamparaez, s. e. and s. by that
of Porco, and w. by that of Paria ; is 36 leagues
in length from w. to e. and 44 in width, n. s. Its
temperature is various, since it contains the settle-
ments of Puna and Valles ; in the former of these
are found in abundance the productions of the
sierra^ and in the latter wheat, maize, and other
seeds and herbs : they have equally a traffic with
the surrounding provinces, especially in the ar-
ticles of wheat and flour of maize. Here are bred