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cattle of all sorts; aiul there arc some gold mines,
though they produce at present very sp:n ingly;
some of the silver mines, Avhlch were very fruitful,
have lately filled with water, and attempts have
been made in vain to empty them. Indeed the
only mines which have produced any great wealth
are those found in the mountains of Aullagas, and
from them, for some years past, metals of the
rarest qualities have been extracted. In the woods
of the valleys, which produce very fine and excel-
lent timber, are found wolves, tigers, and other
wild beasts inhabiting the mountains ; also a
species of bees, which form their combs in the hol-
lows of trees, and the honey of which they call
de charas. There is a river in this province com-
posed of several streams, and which unites itself
with the Cochabamba. The number of its inha-
bitants amounts to 36,000, who are divided into
27 settlements. Its reparlimienfo used to amount
to 92,665 dollars, and its n/cflxvife to 7-11 dollars
per annum. It is one of the richest provinces of

The capital is of the same name, and the other
settlements are,










San Pedro





de Macha,





San Francisco dc Micani,
San Marcos de Mirailo-


Santiago de l\Ioscari,

San Pedro de Buenavista,




CHEANE, a river of the province and govern-
ment of Paraguay.

CHEARA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Andahuailas in Peru; annexed to
the curacy of Huaiama.

(CHEAT River rises in Randolph county,
Virginia, and after pursuing a n. n. w. course, joins
Monongahela river, three or four miles within the
Pennsylvania line. It is 200 yards wide at its
moutli, and 100 yards at the Dunkards settlement,
50 miles higher, and is navigable for boats, except
in dry seasons. There is a portage of 37 miles
from this river to the Potowmack, at the mouth of
Savage river.)

CHEBA, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Tunja in the Nuevo Reyno de Gra-

nada, of a cold temperature. It lies between some
mountains, and abounds in the produclioris of a,
cold climate, such as wheat, maize, trullles, and
barley ; it consists of 100 house-keepers, and of
40 Indians, all of Avliom are subject to the disorder
of the cotos, or swelling of the throat; is 21
leagues to the n. e. of Tunja.

CHEBANONKOGUE, a town of the French,
in Canada ; situate in the country of the Mistasuis
Indians, on the n. shore of a lake which gives it its

CHEBEN, a river of Nova Scotia. It rises
from a small lake near the settlement and fort of
Sackville, runs n. and enters the Basin des Mines,
or of the Mines, of the bay of Fundy.

(CHEBUCTO, a bay and harbour on the s. s. e.
coast of Nova Scotia, distinguished by the loss of
a French fleet in a former war between France
and Great Britain. Near the head of this bay,
on the w. side, stands the city of Halifax, the ca-
pital of the province.)

CHECA, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Tinta in Peru.

CHECACUPI, a settlement of the same pro-
and kingdom as the former.

CHECACUPI, another, in the province of Quispi-
or Urcos in the same kingdom.

CHECASA, La Nueva, a settlement of the
province and corregimiento of Pilaya and Paspaya
in Peru.

CHECHIRGANTI, a river of the province
and government of Darien in the kingdom of
Tierra Firme. It rises in the mountains on the n.
side, runs n. and enters the sea in the small beech
or playon, opposite the port of Calidonia.

CHECODIN, a small lake of the province and
country of the Iroquees Indians in Canada, lies
between the lake Oswego and the river Ohio.

CHECHAS. See Chancay.

(CHEDABUCTO, or Milford Haven, a
large and deep bay on the easternmost part of
Nova Scotia, at the mouth of the gut of Canso.
Opposite to its mouth stands isle Madame. Sal-
mon river falls into this bay from the w. and is
remarkable for one of the greatest fisheries in the

CHEDIAC, a small river of Nova Scotia,
which runs e. and enters the sea in the strait formed
by the coast and the island of San Juan.

(CHEESADAWD Lake, about 210 miles n. e.
by e. of the Canadian house, on the c. end of
Slave lake, in the Hudson bay company’s terri-
tory, is about 35 miles in length, and the same in
breadth. Its w. shore is mountainous and rocky.)

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