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CHAQUIMINAS, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Asangaro in Peru ; annexed
to the curacy of Sandia in the province of Ca-

CHARABAYE, a settlement of the province
and government of Venezuela ; situate on the shore
of a river in the district of the city of Caracas, and
to the e. of the town of Victoria.

CHARACATO, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Arequipa in Peru. In its
church is a miraculous image of Nuestra Senora
de la Purificacion or Candelaria, to which singular
devotion is paid.

CHARAI, a settlement of the province and
alcaldia mayor of Cinaloa ; situate on the shore of
a river of the fort which lies between the settle-
ments of Ziribijoa and Mochicauchi.

(CHARAIBES, See Caribe.)

CHARALA, a settlement of the jurisdiction of
the town of San Gil, in the Nuevo Reyno de Gra-
nada, is, at it were, a suburb to the settlement of
Mongui, and it is (being very poor and reduced)
annexed to the curacy of the same. Its tempera-
ture is mild, and abounds in pure good water, and
in the productions of a hot climate.

CHARANDO, a settlement of the head settle-
ment of Guimeo, and alcaldia mayor of Cirandaro,
in Nueva Espafia ; annexed to the curacy of Turi-

CHARAPA, a settlement of the head settlement
and alcaldia mayor of Periban in Nueva España ;
situate in the loftiest part of the sierra, from
whence its temperature is so cold that it is seldom
any crops can be gathered from the seeds that are
sown. It contains 209 families of Indians, 80 in
the wards of its district, and a convent of the reli-
gious order of St. Francis : lies e. of its head settle-

CHARAPE, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Jaen de Bracamoros in the king-
dom of Quito.

CHARAPOTO, a settlement of the district of
Puerto Viejo, and government of Guayaquil, in the
kingdom of Quito, at a small distance from the
sea-coast and bay of its name ; this title being
also applied to the point which forms the same

CHARAZANI, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Larecaja in Peru.

CHARBON, Rio del, a river of N. Carolina,
which runs n. and enters the Conhaway. The
whole of it abounds in cataracts, and its waters
throw up immense quantities of coal, which was
the cause of its being thus named.

CHARCA, a settlement of the province and

corregimiento of Chayanta in Peru ; annexed to
the curacy of Sacaca.

CHARCANA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Parinacochas in Peru.

CHARCAS, an extensive province of the king-
dom of Peru, composed of various others. Its ju-
risdiction comprehends the district of this royal
audience, which begins at Vilcanota, of the cor-
regimiento of Lampa and bishopric of Cuzco, and
extends as far as Buenos Ayres to the s. It is
bounded on the e. by Brazil, the meridian serving
as a limit ; and reaching w. as far as the corregi-
miento of Atacama, which is of its district, and
forms the most n. part of this province in that di-
rection, and being closed in on its other sides by
the kingdom of Chile : is 300 leagues in length, in-
cluding the degrees of latitude from 20° to 28° s . :
is in many parts very thinly peopled, and covered
with large desert tracts, and rugged and impene-
trable mountains, and again by the elevated cordil-
leras of the Andes, and the spacious llanuras or
pampas, which serve to mark its size and the relative
distances of its territories. Its temperature through-
out is extremely cold, although there are not want-
ing parts which enjoy a moderate warmth. At the
time that this province was in the possession of the
Indians, and previous to the entrance of the Spa-
niards, many well-inhabited provinces went jointly
under the name of Charcas ; and the conquest of
these was first undertaken by Capac Yupanqui,
fifth Emperor ; but he was not able to pass the ter-
ritory of the Tutiras Indians and of Chaqui. Here
it was that his conquests terminated : nor did the
subjection of these parts extend farther than Col-
laysuyo until after his death, when he was suc-
ceeded by his son the Inca Roca, sixth Emperor,
who carried on still farther the victories which had
been already gained, conquering all the nations as
far on as that of Chuquisaca, where he afterwards
founded the city of this name, called also La Plata.
After that the Spaniards had reduced that part of
Peru, extending from Tumbez to Cuzco, and that
the civil wars and dissensions which existed be-
tween these were at an end, they endeavoured to
follow up their enterprise by making a conquest of
the most distant nations. To this end, in 1538,
Gonzalo Pizarro sallied forth with a great force,
and attacking the Charcas and the Carangues,
found in them such a spirited opposition, that after
several battles he was brought to think this object
was nearly impracticable : this idea was strength-
ened by the reception he had met with from the
Chuquisacas, who in many conflicts had given him
convincing proofs of their valour and warlike
spirit ; indeed it is thought, that had he not just