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Granada ; situate in a beautiful and delightful
country. Its temperature is hot, it abounds in
cacao, maize, yucas, and plantains, and has some
neat cattle and gold mines. The inhabitants
amount to 100 families, and it is annexed to the
curacy of its capital.

(CHAPEL Hill, a post-town in Orange
county, N. Carolina ; situated on a branch of New-
hope creek, which empties into the n.w. branch of
Cape Fear river. This is the spot chosen for the
seat of the university of N. Carolina. Few houses
are as yet erected ; but a part of the public build-
ings were in such forwardness, that students Avere
admitted, and education commenced, in January
1796. The beautiful and elevated site of this
town commands a pleasing and extensive view of
the surrounding country : 12 miles s. by e. of
Hillsborough, and 472 s.w. of Philadelphia.
Lat. 35° 56' n. Long. 79° 2' w.)

CHAPEU, Morro del, or Del Sombero, a
mountain of the kingdom of Brazil, between the
rivers Preto and Tocantines, close to the gold
mines of La Navidad.

CHAPIGANA, a fort of the province and go-
vernment of Darien, and kingdom of Tierra Firme,
built upon a long strip of land, or point, formed
by the great river of Tuira. There is also a small
fort of the same name in a little gulf, and nearly
closed at the entrance, behind the fort of San Mi-
guel, in the S. sea.

CHAPIMARCA, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Aimaraez in Peru ; annexed
to the curacy of Ancobamba.

CHAPUARE, a river of the province and go-
vernment of Moxos in the kingdom of Quito, rises
in the mountains of Cacao, which are upon the
shore of the river Madera ; runs w. forming a
curve, and enters the latter river, just where the
Ytenes and Marmore also become united.

CHAPULTENANGO, a settlement of the
province and alcaldia mayor of Los Zoques in
the kingdom of Guatemala.

CHAPULTEPEC, a settlement of the alcaldia
mayor of Corjoacan in Nueva España ; situate on
the skirt of a mountainous eminence, on which are
the castle and palace Avhich were the residence of
the viceroys until they made their public entries
into Mexico. Here are beautiful saloons and
charming gardens, bedecked with all sorts of deli-
cate flowers ; also a wood of branching savins,
which was filled Avith stags and rabbits, and an
abundant supply of water to render the soil fertile ;
although, independently of a large and deep pool,
it is also intersected by several streams, which,
through canals, are carried to supply the s. part of

the city of Mexico. Its inhabitants amount to 40
families of Indians, in the district of the parish of
a convent of St. Francis, with certain families of
Spaniards and Mustecs, embodied with the parish
of Vera Cruz of Mexico ; from Avheuce this is dis-
tant one league to the w. s.w.

Chapultepec, with the dedicatory title of San
Juan, another settlement of the district and head
settlement of Tlacoluca, and alcaldia mayor of
Xalapa, in the same kingdom ; founded between
four mountains, the skirts of Avhich form a circle
round it. It contains 100 families of Indians, in-
cluding those of the settlement of Paztepec, close
to it. Although its population was formerly
thought to amount to 500 families, no cause can
be assigned for the present diminution ; notAvith-
standing the elder people affirm, that this is a judg-
ment of God for their having caused so many sor-
rows and anxieties to the poor curate, who had
laboured so hard and with such zeal to convert
them from their idolatry : certain it is, they are
now extremely humble and docile. It is tAvo leagues
n. e. of its capital.

Chapultepec, another, with the same dedica-
tory title of San Juan, in the head settlement of the
town of Marquesado, and alcaldia mayor of Quatro
Villas. It contains 25 families of Indians, Avho
occupy themselves in the cultivation of cochineal,
wheat, maize, fruits, woods, coal, lime-stone, and
timber. It is a little more than a mile to the s. u\
of its capital.

Chapultepec, another, with the dedicatory
title of San Miguel, in the head settlement and
alcaldia mayor of Cuernavaca,

Chapultepec another, with the same dedica-
tory title as the former, in the head settlement and
alcaldia mayor of Metepéc. It contains 168 fami-
lies of Indians.

CHAPULUACAN, a settlement of the jurisdic-
tion and alcaldia mayor of Valles in Nueva Es-
pana ; situate on the skirt of a very lofty sierra ;
is of a mild temperature, and produces maize, cot-
ton, bees-Avax, and honey, and large cattle. It is
annexed to the curacy of Tamzunchale, contains
58 families of Indians, and lies 38 leagues from its

Chapuluacan, another settlement of the head
settlement of Colotlán, and alcaldia mayor of Mex-
titlan, in Nueva Espana, contains 140 families of
Indians, and is two leagues from its head settlement.

CHAQUI, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Canta in Peru ; annexed to the curacy
of its capital.

Chaqui, another settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Porco in the same kingdom.

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