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wreck, and amongst these many valuables of gold
and silver, which had grown quite discoloured, to
the amount of 40,000 dollars. Lat. 2°2l' s.

CHANEL, some islands near the coast of the
country of Labrador, in the gulf of St. Lawrence.
They are numerous and very small, one of them
being very long and narrow ; forming a channel
with the coast, and giving its name to the rest.

CHANESES, a barbarous nation of Indians, of
the province and government of Paraguay ; dwell-
ing to the n. of the Rio de la Plata, and bounded
by the Xarayes and Xacoces. They have their
houses near the lakes, and maintain themselves by

CHANGAME, some small islands of the S. sea,
and of the bay of Panamá, in the province and go-
vernment of Tierra Firme. They are two in num-
ber, being situate near the coast, and having be-
tween them a shallow or quicksand, by which they
are communicated. They abound in a species of
birds, from which they take their name.

CHANGO, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Tarma in Peru ; annexed to the
curacy of Chacayan.

CHANQUI, or Achanqui, a promontory or
cape of the province and corregimiento of Valdivia
in the kingdom of Chile ; being eight leagues to
the s. of San Marcelo. It forms and covers the
mouth or entrance of the gulf of Los Coronados,
with the other cape, which is to thes. called De la

CHANTACO, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Loxa in the kingdom of Quito,
to the w. of Chuquri-bamba, and to the s. of San
Pedro, consists entirely of Indians, and lies upon
the bank of a small river, being of an excellent

CHANTALI, a settlement of the province and
government of aen de Bracamoros in the king-
dom of Quito ; situate on the shore of the river of
its name.

CHANUSSI, a river of the country of Las Ama-
, which runs from c. to w. through the woods
lying towards the w. and enters the Guallaga on
its ^ sido

CHANXEWATER, an English settlement in
the province and colony of New York ; situate
near the e. arm of the river Delaware.

CHAO, Farallones de, two small islands of
the S. sea, near the coast of the province and cor-
regimiento of Truxillo in Peru.

Chao, Morro de, a mountain of the coast of
the same corregimiento.

CHAPA, Puerto de, a settlement of the pro-
vince and government of Tucumán, in the juris-

diction of the city of Cordoba ; situate near the
rivers Segundo and Tercero, at the foot of the
Montana Nevada, or Snowy mountain.

CHAPACOTO, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Chimbo in the kingdom of
Quito ; situate at the skirt of the Gran Cuesta, or
mountain of San Antonio. Through it passes a
small river, which runs down from this mountain,
and empties itself in the river of Chimbo ; is of a
very cold temperature, and lies in the middle of a
wood. Lat. l°40's.

CHAPADA, Sierra, mountains of the king-
dom of Brazil, in the province and captainship
of Todos Santos. They run from e. to w. until
they reach nearly as far as the coast.

CHAPALA, a settlement of the head settlement
of the district and alcaldia mayor of Caxititlan in
Nueva Espana ; situate on the shore of the great
lake or sea of this name ; has a good convent of
the monks of St. Francis, and in its valley, which
is very fertile, there is an abundance of all kinds of
seed, as wheat, maize, French beans, and many de-
licious fruits.

Chapala, another settlement of the alcaldia
mayor of Zaiula in the same kingdom ; situate in
a plain of a mild temperature. It contains 42 fa-
milies of Indians, who trade in seeds and other
fruits, since its district abounds in garden grounds.
It has a convent of the religious of St. Francis ;
lies 22 leagues between the e. and n. of its capital.

Chapala, a great lake of the kingdom of
Nueva Galicia, called Mar de Chapala, on ac-
count of its size, is navigated by many vessels,
and is extremely well stocked with fish ; from
which the inhabitants of the immediate settlements
derive their source of commerce.

CHAPAMARCA, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Loxa, in the kingdom of
Quito; situate to the s. of the capital.

CHAPANCHICA. See Madrigal.

CHAPARE, or Parati, a river of the province
and government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. It
rises in the serrania of the Altos or Lofts of Inti-
nuyo, from two small rivers which unite ; runs in
an inclined course to the e. and enters the Mar-
more Grande, forming a good port.

CHAPARIPARI, a river of the province and
government of Cumaná, runs e. and enters the
sea in the gulf of Triste.

CHAPARRA, Valle de, a valley of the pro-
vince and corregimiento of Cumaná in Peru ; in
the vicinity of which is a mine abounding in a
metal called chumillo.

CHAPARRAL, a small settlement of the cor-
regimiento of Coyaima in the Nuevo Reyno de

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