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Mss Folio Gloss
A Presentation Miniature "Only"
Ad F58R ASG (in ornament) 1/2 demi / [v init] - [capit] lt: / ASG - "Verba compilatoris ad Regem."
As F37R top RMG (mod gloss) "This was dedicated to Henrie / Prince of Wales eldeȝt ȝonne / to Henrie the 4 kinge / of England and Sonne to / John of Gaunt Duke of / Lancaȝter above 200 / yeares ȝince" c=1610?
Bo Nothing, just initl lt
Cc F23R bot st
Co F15V col 2, 3d st Just initl
Di F104 R elaborate initial w. herald
Do F36R top rubric "Hic incipit prologus de Principum regimine.." + [omit] initl [word]
Du F37R top rubric "Sequitur prologus de Regi~e Principum." (+simpl & initl . [text])
Ed F37R noth. but capit.
Fi1 F84V only capitl
Fi2 F31V only capitl
Ga F29R top of pg only capt
Gg F36V top of only [--ust] in capitl
Ha1 F36R top rubric "Hic incipit prologus de principum regimine" + initl
Ha3 F106R 1st 2 stanz Rubric "Explicit dialogus inter Occlyff et mendicum" (+ in mod. hand RM: "Incipit [tractatus] de / regimine Principis." + [small demi - vinit] initl lt
Hh F36R full [cols?] etc Ornamental O (for H) [Band-ils?] uppr LM: 1) "Say trouthe be not fals" / 2) +at bottom left: "Tells no talis" / 3) + bot ctr: "Whanne þ[ei] begynnyſt a thyng, thynk on the endynge."
Hn1 F59R RMG top "Incipit Prologus de / principum regimine" / +penned lt
Hn2 F32R Top ASR "Hic Incipit prologus de prin. regi~e." + in later hand, RMG, Foames? -Iennes: /.

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