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Stanza 289

Mss Folio Word 1 Word 2 Word 3 Word 4 Word 5 Word 6
A F37R Hye noble and myȝtty Prince excellent
Ar F34R near top y noble and myghti Prince excelent
Ad F58R top Hye noble. & mighti Prince excellent
As F37R top Hye noble and myȝty Prince excellent
Bo F88V near bot. Hye nobyll and mighty p~nce excellent
Cc F?R near bot hy noble and myȝty p~nce excellent
Co F15V bot
Di F104R top
Do F36R top
Du F37R
Ed F37R top
Fi1 F84V 3d lin
Fi2 F31V mid
Ga F29R
Gg F36V top
Ha1 F35R top
Ha3 F106 2/3 down
Hh F36R mid
Hn1 F59R
Hn2 F32R top
Kk F30R 1/4 down
La F89R near bot
Ma F28R in 29 n.
Ne F30R top
Na F116V top
Qu F29R
Ra1 F25R top
Ra2 F1R
Ro F29V
Ry1 F32V top
Ry2 F40R - below pres. min.
Ry3 F38R
Ry4 F38R
Se F21R
Sj F36?R
Sl1 F38V
Sl2 F33R last 3 ll
So F262V - col 1, l.7
Tc F147R top
Ya F88R bot 1/3

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