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AIA Southern Chapter Proceedings

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2 The Southern Chapter, A. I. A.

Letters of approbation and commendation were read from the following named architects, who for various reasons could not be present: C. C. Burke, and James B. Cook, of Memphis, Tenn.; Alexander Blair, of Macon, Ga.; L. G. DeLisle, Thomas Sully, Albert Toledano, Paul Andry and S. R. Duval, of New Orleans, La.; A. DeLisle of Chattanooga, Tenn.; M. J. Dimmock, and Carl Ruhermund, of Richmond, Va.; W. T. Cotter, of Jacksonville, Fla.; Frank Niernsee, of Columbia, S. C.; J. F. Hutcheson, of Mobile, Ala.; H. C. Thompson, of Nashville, Tenn.; T. H. Maddox, W.S. Smith, J. L. Rousseau, Harry Wheelock, and Charles Wheelock, of Birmingham, Ala.; J. F. Baumann, of Knoxville, Tenn.; L. E. Thornton, of Mayesville, Miss.; N. J. Clayton, of Galveston, Tex.; A. S. Eichberg, of Savannah, Ga.; and J. G. Longstreet, of Gainesville, Ga.

On motion of Mr. Lind the Chair appointed a committee of three (3) members on Constitution and By-Laws, for the purpose of organizing the Southern Chapter of the American Institute of Architects; and the following committee was appointed; Messrs. Lind, Helmich and Tinsley; and after due deliberation, the Committee made their report, and upon the motion of Mr. Bruce it was determined that the Constitution and By-Laws recommended, be read and adopted by sections.

The Constitution and By-Laws and the Schedule of Charges, etc., after having been read and fully discussed, and adopted by sections, were in each case adopted as a whole.

On motion of Mr. Lind, the meeting adjourned to eight (8) o'clock this P. M.

Night Session: According to adjournment, the meeting reassembled at eight o'clock this evening, with Mr. Woodruff in the chair, who stated that the first business for consideration was the election officers for the ensuing year, and upon the motion of Mr. Helmich, who placed the name of Mr. Bruce in nomination for the office of President, the Secretary was requested to cast the vote of this Chapter, which resulted in the election of Mr. A. C. Bruce as the President.

Upon the motion of Mr. Nixon, who placed the name of Mr. Goodrich in nomination for the office of Vice-President, the Secretary was requested to cast the vote of this Chapter,

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A. C. BRUCE, Atlanta, Ga. L. F. GOODRICH, Vice-President, Augusta, Ga. W. P. TINSLEY, Sec'y and Treas., Lynchburg, Va.

DIRECTORS. D. B. WOODRUFF, Macon, Ga. P. E. DENNIS, Macon, Ga. T. H. MORGAN, Atlanta, Ga. A. McC. NIXON, Atlanta, Ga. D. A. HELMICH, Birmingham, Ala.


Blair, Alexander, .... Macon Bruce, A. C. ........... Atlanta Burke, C. C. .......... Memphis Clayton, N.J. ......... Galveston Cook, Jas. B. ......... Memphis Cotter, W. T. ......... Jacksonville Dennis, P. E. ........ Macon Dimmock, M. J. ... Richmond Downing, W. T. .... Atlanta Duval, S. R. .......... New Orleans Eichberg, A. S. ..... Savannah Favrot, Chas. A. ... New Orleans Goodrich, L. F. .... Augusta Goodrich, W. W. .. Atlanta Helmich, D. A. .... Birmingham Hutchenson, J. F. .... Mobile Lind, E. G. ............. Atlanta Lindsey, J. M. P. ...... Atlanta

Longstreet, J. G., ..... Gainesville Maddox, T. H., ..... Birmingham Maddox, Jas. M..... Birmingham Morgan, T. H. ....... Atlanta Niernsee, Frank .... Columbia Nixon, A. McC. ..... Atlanta Norrman, G. L. ...... Atlanta Rousseau, F. L. ..... Birmingham Ruehrmund, Carl .... Richmond Smith, W.S. .... Birmingham Sully, Thos. ..... New Orleans Thompson, H. C. .... Nashville Toledano, Albert .... New Orleans Tinsley, W. P. ..... Lynchburg Wheelock, Chas .... Birmingham Wheelock, H. B. .... Birmingham Woodruff, D. B. ..... Macon

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mingham, Ala.; Wm. Stanton, Vicksburg, Miss.; W. Chamberlin, Knoxville, Tennessee; T. H. Abrahams, Charleston, South Carolina; B. B. Davis, Paducah, Kentucky; H. H. Huggins, Roanoke, Va.; F. L. Smith, Lexington, Kentucky; Geo. E. Dickey, Houston, Tex.; J. Riely Gordon, San Antonia, Tex.; Henry C. Holland, Houston, Tex.; C. W. Bulger, Galveston, Tex.; W. T. Walker, Montgomery, Alabama

On motion of Mr. Helmich the report of the Directors was adopted and ordered to be spread upon the Minutes of the meeting.

On motion of Mr. Goodrich the letter ballot was suspended and the above named architects were unanimously elected Fellows of this Chapter.

On motion of Mr. Wheelock the Chair appointed a committee (consisting of Mr. Lind and Mr. C. Wheelock) to notify the applicants present of their election.

The President: The next thing in order will be the report of the Committee on Charter.

The Secretary : As a member of this committee I beg to report that the Charter has been obtained from the American Institute of Architects, and is here for examination by the members present.

On motion of Mr. Goodrich the report of the committee was accepted and the committee discharged.

The President: The next thing in order will be the report of Committee on Seal.

The Secretary : As a member of this committee I beg to state that the design of the seal was chosen by your committee from a number of designs submitted, and the seal was engraved and furnished by the American Seal Works.

On motion of Mr. Goodrich the report of the committee was adopted and the committee discharged.

The President: Mr. Wheelock; Chairman of Local Committee of Reception, wishes to make a statement regarding the presence of members of the Legislature of Alabama, who are now in the city.

Mr. Wheelock: I wish to state that I have had a conference with several members of the Legislature regarding the anticipated bills to be presented to the Legislatures of the

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architects regarding the position that ''The Southern Architect" sustains to this Chapter, the members were earnestly requested to contribute to its columns and illustrations.

A discussion by several of the members brought out the fact that the By-Laws do not state specificaliy what should be considered as unprofessional conduct, and that preferring charges against a member for making drawings at a reduced price could be construed as a matter of opinion, and therefore further, as a matter of persecution: and that said By-Laws cannot be changed or amended except by publishing the fact at least thirty days before voting upon such a change; and in consideration of the desirability to have specific regulations regarding this and other points that were mentioned; upon motion of Mr. L. F. Goodrich a committee of three was appointed to revise the Constitution and By-Laws, and at as early date as possible, to have the Secretary send a copy of same to each Fellow (at least thirty days before our next annual meeting) and to give full notice that the same will be changed at that meeting. Which motion was unanimously carried, and the Chair appointed Messrs. Morgan, Lind and H. Wheelock, on said Committee.

On motion of Mr. D. A. Helmich the Conventmn adjourned till ten o'clock to-morrow morning.


The President: Before proceeding with the business before the Convention I wish to state that the hospitality of Berry Bros. has been tendered the architects present and that carriages will be in waiting when this meeting adjourns for dinner for a drive about the city.

On the motion of Mr. Lind it was determined that we will adjourn at 12.30 to accept the invitation so kindly tendered by Messrs. Berry Bros.

The President: Mr. Lind has a paper to read before this Convention on the "Relation of the Architectural Profession to the Public;" he will now read that paper.


Mr. President and Gentlemen:

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for societies to hold annual conventions, it seems equally necessary that some-

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