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28 The Southern Chapter, A. I. A.

committee consisting of L. F. Goodrich, D. B. Woodruff and
F. L. Rosseau., who reported that in their opinion it is inex-
pedient at that time to take any action, and recommended
that the resolution be laid upon the table. Upon motion of
Mr. Lind the report of the committee was adopted.

At this point the Secretary stated that there had been a suc-
cessful attempt made by some members of the Institute to
have the dictionaries make a clear distinction between the
"supervision" of work by architects and the "superintend-
ence" of work, and that it was understood that such distinc-
tion would be in future editions of the dictionaries, and that
it was high time that the profession generally were dropping
the expression "superintendence," as applied to their "su-
pervision" of work; as superintendence could be furnished
only by persons who remained all the while on the building,
and this was clearly the duty of the cleck of the works;
and the expression "superintendence" should not be used in
connection with architectural service.

Mr. Helmich : In view of the fact that the evening session
will be occupied by the members of the Legislature, and the
amount of work that is yet to be accomplished, it strikes me
that we should go into the election of officers at this morning
session instead of afternoon, as formerly decided upon, and
since Mr. Burke has waived his objection to proceeding before
hearing the report of the Committee on the Treasurer's Ac-
counts, I move that we hear the report of the Nominating
Committees now.

Which motion was carried.

Mr. D. A. Helmick, chairman of one of the committees,
submitted the following recommendation : Mr. L. F. Good-
rich for President, W. P. Tinsley for Vice-President, Mr. P.
E. Dennis, Secretary and Treasurer. Directors: D. B. Wood,
ruff, T. H. Morgan, Tom Wood, T. H. Maddox and C. C.

Mr. Chas. Wheelock, chairman of the other committee.
made the following recommendation : Mr. L. F. Good-
rich for President, Mr. E. G. Lind for Vice-President, and W.
P. Tinsley for Secretary and Treasurer. Directors : C. C.

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