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The geographical and historical dictionary of America and the West Indies [volume 1]





de Granada, rises in the valley of Cerinza, runs n. and passing tlirough the city of San Gil, turns to the w. and enters the Suarez or Sabandija.

CHALCAXINGO, a settlement of the head settlement of Xonacatepéc, and alcaldía mayor of Cuernavaca, in Nueva España.

CHALCHILGUITES, a settlement of the province and government of Nueva Vizcaya; situate close to that of Sombrerete.

CHALCHITLAN, a settlement of the province and alcaldia mayor of Capanabastla in the kingdom of Guatemala.

CHALCO, Hamanalco, a district and alcaldía mayor of Nueva España ; situate between the n. and s. of the city of Mexico, at eight leagues distance ; is very fertile, and abounds in productions and the necessaries of life, especially in wheat and maize; the crops of the former usually amount to 30,000 (argas (a measure containing four bushels) yearly, and of the latter to 25,000. Besides this it produces great quantities of seeds, woods, sugar, honey, and the fruits of a hot climate, all of which arc carried to Mexico, as well by land carriage as by the lake, which is so favourable to its commerce. In the sierra of the volcano of this jurisdiction, there are silver mines, but they are not worked, on account of the great expence. The population consists of 46 settlements, of which 16 are head settlements of districts, and in 15 of these there are parish churches. Tlie capital is of the same name, and it is situate on the shore of a lake enjoying a mild temperature, and well known from the fair which it celebrates every Friday throughout the year, to which flock a great number of people from the neighbouring provinces with merchandize ; some even coming from the most distant parts in canoes by the lake, or with droves of mules on land. It lies between the rivers Fiamanalco and Tenango, which run into the lake, and the waters of this serve, when it is necessary, to replenish the lake of Mexico, for which purpose there are proper sluices provided. It contains 350 families of Indians, and some Spaniards and Mustees ; is seven leagues from Mexico. The other settlements are,

Fiamanalco, Atlautla,

San Pedro de Ecazingo, Ayapango,

Tepozozolco, Ixtapalucan,

San Juan Tenango, Ayozingo,

Amecameca, Mexquique,

Zentlalpan, Hahuac,

Chimalhuacan, Themamatla,

Tepetuxpan, Ozumba.

CHALCO, with the dedicatory title of San Agustin, another settlement of the head settle-

ment of Coxcotlan, and the alcaldia mayor of Valles, in the same kingdom ; annexed to the curacy of Aquismon ; is of an extremely hot and moist temperature, on account of which it has been abandoned by several Indian families who resided in it formerly ; 12 of these families only are now remaining ; is 23 leagues from its capital.

CHALCO, another, of the head settlement and alcaldia mayor of Zochicoatlan ; situate in the plain of a deep break or hole made by mountain floods ; is of a hot temperature, and contains 35 families of Indians ; lies 12 leagues to the n. of its capital.

(Chalco Lake. See Mexico.)

CHALCOS, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Lucanas in Peru ; annexed to the curacy of Cahuanca.

CHALEUAPAN, a settlement of the province and government of Nicaragua in the kingdom of Guatemala.

CHALEURS, a bay on the coast of the province of Nova Scotia or Acadia, and gulf of St. Lawrence. It is large and convenient.

CHALEURS, another bay on the s. coast of the island of Newfoundland, near the point which looks to the w.

(CHALEURS, a deep and broad bay on the w. side of the gulf of St. Lawrence. From this bay to that of Verte, on the s. in the s. e. corner of the gulf, is the n. e. sea line of the British province of New Brunswick.)

CHALINGA, a settlement of Indians of the province and corregimiento of Coquimbo in the kingdom of Chile.

CHALIQUE, San Pablo de, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Caxamarca in Peru.

CHALLABAMBA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Paucartambo in Peru.

CHALLACATA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Paria in Peru ; annexed to the curacy of Garu Mendoza.

CHALLACOLLO, a settlement of the same province and corregimiento as the former, belonging to the archbishopric of Charcas. It has a convent of monks of the order of St. Augustin.

CHALLAHUACHO, a river of the province and corregimiento of Chilques y Masques in Peru. It rises near the settlement of Capi, runs in a serpentine course to the n. n. w. and enters the Apurirnac.

CHALLANA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Larecaja in Peru.

CHALLAPAMPA an ancient province of Peru, of small extent, and to the c. of Cuzco. It

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