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Gentlemen, if this architect is entitled to the honor herein bestowed and we, as a collective body are not, it behooves us to so practice our profession as, to if possible become the peer of him who has received the above [?], which I consider are coming from the source they did. We cannot individually expect to be recognized as great architects but I do say, for I believe it,that we can conduct ourselves in the practice of our profession to become worthy of and respected as honorable upright and I might say with emphasis, gentlemen.

What are we to do to accomplish this, I will tell you what I think: first, turn over a few leaves. And I will right here state that I do not set myself up as a leader or educator; far from it; as I do not claim to be endowed with the proper ability, but with my long practice I have learned some things from observation as well as experience during these many years that some of us much less in years have not, thereby may gain some little knowledge by sifting out the good, if there be any.

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