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The article in question is apparently
one of a series and is abusive toward
Europeans generally. The paragraph
translated, is as you will see, an ap--
parently incidental suggestion that
Missionaries may be killed and their estab--
lishments burned without fear of punishment
for the crime

The importance of this manner lies in
the fact 1st that Turkish writers have a
habit of conveying their meaning by sug--
gestion rather than direct statement,
and 2d that the Ottoman censors daily sup--
press in Christian newspapers and books, sen--
tences and even words which they think
may suggest improper thoughts, even while
admitting that the intention of the writer was en--
tirely honest, and that having this understanding
of their duty, they yet permit the circulation
among Mohammedans of this encourage--
ment to violence against Missionaries.

At this moment, in very many places
officials are doing their utmost to make the
Mohammedan populace believe that Mission--
aries cause all the troubles of the Empire by
revealing abroad outrages and cruelties
which they have witnessed. I think it best
under these circumstances to submit

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