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There is much excitement in all Embassys {sic} here over this
question. I much incline to the opinion that this
English report, (if an Englishman goes), will be cooked up
against the Turk unjustly. Excesses no doubt have
been committed, but out there on the Russian frontier at
Sason where the trouble was, the people are as wild,
both Turks + Armenians, as Comanches, and as cruel,
+ I am satisfied that the conflict was to suppress an
Armenian revolution -- this now is my opinion

It is a gloomy day for Turkey if England + Russia
combine + agree to give Russia a free hand over there

I feel a little lonely since Riddle(?) left --
; from the cards I enclose you will see that the
season of stilted feeding is on hand. The new
Dutchman and Lady Currie entertain grandly. I
was at the Dutchmans table on the 4. Have given
no dinner to diplomats yet. May not give any at all,
+ take your advice; but it looks mean to be always
eating a mans apples and never give him any

I go over in an hour (6 O.C.) to dine tonight
in Stamboul with Bensen(?) Thorpe(?) at Mrs Newells'

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