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Ten days of cloudy weather has given
way to sunshine at last.

I forgot to tell you that the "Jupiter"
was seen at anchor by Mr Riddle in the harbor
of Alexandretta -- fresh painted and looking
as cheerful as if no one was scared almost
to death on her

I added to my collection got at Troy
yesterday a copper broach, lachrymal urn, and the bowls
excavated at Crete. The potery is Mycene(?) quaintly
painted 500 BC. I could get for $400.00 a cabinet
of antiques, bowls, urns, lamps +c -- some very fine with $1000 or
$2000. It is in private hands, excavated in Asia Minor and
the Islands and at Caesarea. Times are hard + such things
now go for nothing. I have written to Geo Breckenridge for the
Lord's sake not to let this chance of acting while I am here
pass without supplying the University. One of my consuls
owns the site of Ancient Troy and has a collection from Troy
the finest I ever saw. Few knew of it. His nephew has one
not so extensive that 5 or $600 would buy. I cant afford it, but
while Europe gets all I do wish our University people would
tell me to buy. I sometimes wish I had never spent a restless
night in trying to establish the concern(?). Well you have

{letter continues vertically up the left-hand margin in two lines}
got over [....]s marriage now. Dont find relief in pets. Read your bible -- be good --
take fresh air out to my ranch sometimes + thus find relief. May God bless you

Affectionately AW Terrell

{written vertically up the right-hand margin in a single line}
I am almost ashamed to send you this -- it was written so hurriedly

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By "concern", one assumes Terrell is referring to the University itself, and by "a restless night" the negotiations in the state legislature with which he was involved at the moment of its creation. The person whose marriage his wife is "getting over" is indicated by a first name; more historical research might clarify the identity of the person mentioned (his stepdaughter?).