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Bulgarian revolutions; and the Sultan delayed his
answer to England until he had sent for me. He
asked me to appoint an American to go and report etc(?).
I told him I would ask permission of Mr Cleveland,
but he should report the result of his examination
in a separate report to me. He urged that my consul
if sent should act with the Turkish commission, and
sign its report, noting the points of disagreement.
I tried in vain to dissuade him, telling him that
Cleveland would not consent to anything less than
a free, individual report of the American. After 4
days spent in cableing, Mr Cleveland declined. Then
the Turk agreed for England to send a consul.
After this Mr Gresham telegraphed me that I might
send Mr. Jewett my consul at Sevas, if he could
have a proper escort of cavalry and make his own
investigation and report direct to me, having no con--
nection with Turkey, England, Russia or any other power
This delighted them -- but it came too late, for they had
consented for Sir Philip Currie to send his man.

I am now awaiting some final word from Yildez

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