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Legation of the United States of America
Constantinople, Decm 7th 1894

My dear Wife,

I enclose the deed you
sent -- properly acknowledged for record. I have been quite
busy for some days -- up at the Porte and the Palace
on the Armenian business, at all hours. The English
and American papers have been full of Armenian atrocities;
said that from 7 to 10.000 men women and children slain.
Some truth doubtless, but most of it hatched by the revolu--
tionary agitators. England began to press for the right to
send an Officer on the ground to examine, claiming the
right under the 6th article of the Treaty of Berlin -- in
which it was stipulated that the Turk should effect
reforms in Asia Minor; and England got the island of
Cypruss to be close to supervise those reforms. But
the jealousy of rival powers prevented all active

Now, when England wanted to send an Officer
the Turk became alarmed, and feared that she would
hatch up a log jam(?) about atrocaties {sic}, as during the

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