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Huitepec- [ ? ], p 3
rule summary -
Huitepec has a unique phonolosical history and
seems to have developed a phonological structure[ ]
[ ] is the other languages (see fricative series, for example),
It appears to be most like Peñoles and perhaps Tilantongo,
differing in the weak presence of Rule # 1 in Huitepec
( * wi reduction), and in the lack of any s or s frictatives
(no rule 5 or 6; * returned and * s > of, no s or s
from other sources, except rare occurencies, like - se,
3 pg. dependent pronoun)

pMix t k kw s x
Fase 1 Rule 4 s d t k kw d x
Fase 2+3 no change
Fase 4 Rule 7a t č t č k kw d x

Modern Huitepec
t k kw
d (s) x
nd č
b = w l y = ž
m ñ ñ

6 vowels

Check rule 8
Tututepec connection?
x xy
t ty
nd ndy_i?, u? _e
ñ ñy

ty / _e check
tyaa~, él

žeʔe pie xeʔe 57

Oddities not covered
more ɨ reflexes (xɨmɨʔ cuatro)
some l:s:nd? type correspondences
palatalizations xy, ty, ndy, ñy
b/w and ž/y still vary considerably
some k/x variation indicates k may still be base form for speakers
some unusual x reflexes as in ñeʔu quince, ñita cantar
some regular final ʔ

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