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Huitepec Resumer

pMix *y > x retained - before front vowels (i,e), oral + nasal
*x>x^y l_e, perhaps *x>0/#_i (see *xiyo, *xito,)
but contrast 9l comio ne xici
*k > x l_v
s } Otherwise *k retained - split of *k, w/ consequeut merger of *k/_v with *x/_v
*k^w > x^w l_v s s

*y+k+t > z+x+ calabaza now you have X before front and back vowels (tho only back nasal) much more balanced load
> >
*yexi > za^hxi jicara
> >
*yuxe > zux^ye masa
> >

/X/ before nasal vowels sometimes gives it nasal quality?
----- and similar, perhaps convergent development of h [n] from *t/_v
*t>tn/_v. >nn > n
*yeti > zanni near (esta' cerca)
possible confusions - further merger between * t and * k, *x
*siti > dixi nariz (instead of expected dihni dinni)
(I seem to have this from 2 sources - Raul's tape + my Oax interview? - so should be okay)
(*tiyu^7 > xi^7u trabjo (instead of hni^7u) Raul's tape: hninu (Oax Data))
*k+^7i > hni^7i voy (instead of x+^7i) (Raul's Tape))
feather, four + black: minimal tone pairs or homonyms
*to^7o > hnu^7u palabra (rather than xu^7 or xumi)
*towi > (both from Oax and Raul's tape)

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