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offered by architect E. J. Heiner in reference to the schedule of charges.

On material of architect E. J. Heiner that the amendment be adopted, a lively discussion arose by all members present, and upon calling the roll, a tie vote was declared. The president voting in the affirmative the amendment was adopted.

The Auditing Committee upon the report of secretary Preston recommended that secretary LArmour inform him of his error in his report.

The committee on the amendments and revision of the constitution and by-laws reported that on account of the absence of one of the committee that they be allowed further time.

Mr. W. C. Dodson moved that the report of the committee on amending the constitution and by-laws be received and that the committee be continued and president J. J. Kane fill the place of Mr. Nixon on said committee, to report at our next regular meeting - Carried.

Moved by W. W. Larmour, that