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The committee also report that our secretary, S. A. J. Preston, has removed his residence to Los Angeles, Cal. and that through some inadvertance our minutes, papers, seal [?] were sent to him at the place. As soon as the fact was known the Executive Committe wrote to Mr. PReston for all property belonging to the Association and have received everything except the impresssion seal and the copy of Roberts Rules of Order, which we are assured will be sent at once.

We also report that our legislative bill, which was presented to the twentieth legislature, was defeated, and we recommend that a new bill be formulated with all offensive features eliminated and the same be presented to our association at its next annual meeting for [?] and perfection, with the view of its presentation to the twenty-first legislature.

W. C. Dodson
Ch'm Ex. Com.

The report of S. A. J. Preston was referred to the Auditing Committee.

The Executive Committee reported favorably to the resolution