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m.johnston at May 21, 2020 08:23 PM


Section 10 Adopted.
Section 11 Amended to read
after the word buildings _" or
presenting plans Compe-
tition," and adopted,

Section 12 was adopted after
amending as follows: " Nor shall
The penalties of this act apply
to well Known Architects of
other States, who may visit our
State for temporary competition
on public or private buildings,
in person, and in case any
work may be awaded to such
an Architect, he shall be com-
-petlled to procure a license
to practice, The same as
other licensed Architects of
The State, in case he remains
or intends to superintend such
work. In case such Architects
fail to take out such license
he shall be liable to all the
fines and penalties of this

Upon The recommendation
of President J. J. Kane, the
Secretary was instructed
to read The act as amended
and revised,

An Act

To regulated the practice of
Architecture in The State
of Texas. _

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