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m.johnston at May 21, 2020 05:51 PM


Section 2 to read after the words,
"first appointed, shall be two
for one year and three for
two years, respectively, and
their successors shall be ap-
-pointed for a term of two years".

Section 3 adopted as read,
section 4 so changed as to
read: "All Architects who
are at the time of the passage
of this act members of the
Texas State Association of
Architects, and who shall
produce a Statement to that
effect under seal of the
secretary of said Association

Section 5 was ammended as to
read after the words: " this act
and not members of the Texas
State Associations of Architects,
on who may desire to practice
the profession of Architecture
here after in the state of
Texas (B), Any Graduate
of a University, scientific,
technical College, or training
School of Architecture".

Section 6 Adopted
Section 7 Adopted
Section 8 Adopted
Section 9 Adopted so as to
read $ 50.00 in the place of
$ 25.00 and. adopted,

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