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of Atengo, and alcald'ia mayor of Chilapa, in
Nueva Espana. It contains 27 families of Indians,
and is two leagues to the n. of its head settle-

COMALA, another settlement, in the head settle-
ment of Almololoyan, and alcald'ia mayor of Co-
lima. It contains 67 families of Indians, who ex-
ercise themselves in the cultivation of the lands.
Two leagues to the n. e.- of its head settlement.

COMALAPA, a .settlement of the province and
alcald'ia mayor of Chiapa in the kingdom of Guate-

COMALTEPEC, a settlement and head settle-
ments of the mayor of Villalta, of a hot
temperature, with 310 families of Indians. Nine
leagues between the e. and ??. of its capital.

COMALTEPEC, another, in the alcald'ia mayor
of Tecocuilco. It contains 78 families of Indians,
who cultivate nothing but cochineal and maize,
and these only in as much as is nece.ssary for their

COMANJA, a settlement of the head settlement
of Tirindaro, and alcald'ia mayor of Valladolid, in
the province and bishopric of Mechoacan. It
contains 13 families of Indians, and is one league
to the s. of its head settlement.

=COMANJA==, another settlement and real of mines
in the alcald'ia mayor oi Lagos, of the kingdom and
bishopric of Galicia ; the population of which con-
sists of 30 families of Spaniards, Mustees, and
Mulattoes, and 50 of Indians, who live by the
commerce of and labour in the mines, which,
although these inhabitants are little given to in-
dustry, produce good emolument. This settle-
ment is at the point of the boundary which divides
the settlements of this kingdom from the king-
dom of Nueva Espana. Seven leagues e. of its

COMAO, a province of the country of Las
, to the s. of this river, from the mouth
of which it is 40 leagues distant, extending itself
along the banks of the same; discovered in 1745
by Francisco de Orellana. The territory is level
and fertile, and the climate moist and hot. It
abounds in maize, and has some plantations of
sugar-cane. It is watered by different rivers, all
of which abound in fish, as do also its lakes ; and
in these an infinite quantity of tortoises are caught.
This province belongs to the Portuguese, and is
part of the province of Para.

(COMARGO, a town of New Leon in N.
America ; situate on the s. side of Rio Bravo,
which empties into tlie gulf of Mexico on the w.

COMARU, or De los Angeles, a settle-

ment of the missions held by the Portuguese in the
country of the Amazonas, on the shore of the river

COMARU, another settlement in the province
and captainship of Pará, and kingdom of Brazil ;
situate on th.e s. shore of the river of Las Ama-
zonas, on a point or long strip of land formed by
the mouth of the river Topayos.

COMAS, a settlement of the province and cor-
regmiienio of Xauxa in Peru.

Comas, a lake of the province and government
of Venezuela, of an oval figure, between the river
Guarico and the jurisdiction which divides this
government from that of Cumana.

COMATLAN, a settlement of the head settle-
ment of Chixila, and alcald'ia mayor of Villalti.
It contains 32 families of Indians, and is five
leagues to the n. of its capital.

COMATLAN, another settlement, the head set-
tlement of the district of the alcald'ia mayor of Te-
; of a hot temperature. It contains 20
families of Indians, who live by cultivating the
lands. Fifteen leagues to the s. of its capital.

COMAU, a settlement of the province and cap-
tainship of Pará in Brazil ; situate at the mouth of
the river Las Amazonas, to the n. n. e. of the
town of Macapa.

COMAUUINI, a river of the province and
government of Guayana, in the Dutch possessions,
on the shores and at the mouth of which they have
constructed the fort of Amsterdam. It runs n. and
afterwards turning to the s. s. e. enters the Co-

COMAYAGUA, or Valladolid, a city and
capital of the province of Honduras in the king-
dom of Guatemala ; founded by the Captain
Alonzo de Caceres, by the order of Pedro de Al-
varado. It was at first called Nuestra Senora de
la Concepcion, and by this title there is still named
an hospital which is well endowed and served.
Here are also some convents of the religious order
of La Merced, and a very good church, erected
into a bishopric in 1539. One hundred and ten
leagues from the capital Guatemala. Lat. 20° 58'
n. Long. 87° 5 P

Bishops who have presided in Comayagua.

1. Don Fray Juan de Talavera, of the order
of St. Jerome, prior of his convent of Nuestra
Senora del Prado, near Valladolid : being nomi-
nated first bishop, he refused the appointment.

2. Don Christoval de Pedraza, elected bishop
from the renunciation of the former; at the same
time nominated protector of the Indies, and resi-
dentiary judge to the conquerors Pedro Alvaredo
and Francisco de Montejo, in 1539,