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CONUENTOS, another settlement in thh province
and corregimiento of Chillan in the kingdom of

CONUENTILLO, a settlement of the province
and government of Tucumán, in the district of the
capital ; situate to the of the same.

(CONVERSATION Point, a headland on the
s. side of a bay on the coast of California. Lat.
30' Long. 119°t0.)

(CONWAY, a township in the province of
New Brunswick, Sudbury county, on the w. bank
of St. John’s river. It has the bayofFundyon
the and at the westernmost point of the township
there is a pretty good harbour, called Musquash

(Conway, a township in the ti. e. corner of
Strafford county, New Hampshire, on a bend in
Saco river, incorporated in J765, and contains
574 inhabitants. It was called Pigwacket by the

(Conway, a thriving township in Hampshire
county, Massachusetts, incorporated in 1767, and
contains 2092 inhabitants. It lies 13 miles n. w.
of Northampton, and 115 n.w. by w. of Boston.)

(CONYA, a river in Surinam, or Dutch
Guinea, S. America.)

(COOK’S River, in the n. w. coast of N. Ame-
rica, lies n. w. of Prince William’s sound, and
1000 miles n. w. of Nootka sound. It promises to
vie with the most considerable ones already known.
It was traced by Captain Cook for 210 miles from
the mouth, as high as lat. 61° 30' n. and so far as
is discovered, opens a very considerable inland
navigation by its various branches ; the inhabi-
tants seemed to be of the same race with those of
Prince William’s sound, and like them had glass
beads ami knives, and were also clothed in fine

(COOKHOUSE, on the Cooquago branch of
Delaware river, is situated in the township of Col-
chester, New York, 18 miles s. of the mouth of
Unadilla river.)

(COOLOOME, an Indian town situated on the
w. side of Tallapoose river, a bratich of the Mo-

COONI, a settlement of the province and cor-
reghniento of Cicasica in Peru ; annexed to the
curacy of Mecapaca.

COOPER, a river of the province and coloiij'
of Georgia. It runs s. e. then s. and enters the

(Cooper’s Island, one of the Lesser Virgin isles
in the W. Indies, situated s.w. of Ginger island,
and uninhabited. It is five miles long, and one


(Cooper, a large and navigable river which
mingles its waters with Ashley river, below Charles-
ton ^ity in S. Carolina. These form a spacious
and convenient harbour, which communicates with
the ocean, just below Sullivan’s island, which it
leaves on the n. seven miles s. e. of the city. In
these rivers the tide rises 6| feet. Cooper river is
a mile wide at the ferry, nine miles above Charles,

(Cooper’s Town, a post-town and township
in Otsego county. New York, and is the compact
part of the township of Otsego, and the chief town
of the country round lake Otsego. It is pleasant-
ly situated at the s. w. end of the lake, on its banks,
and those of its outlet ; 12 miles n. w. of Cherry
valley, and 73 w. of Albany. Here are a court-
house, gaol, and academy. In 1791 it contained
292 inhabitants. In 1789 it had but three houses
only ; and in the spring 1795, 50 houses had been
erected, ofwhich above a fourth part were respect-
able two-story dwelling-houses, with every pro-
portionable improvement, on a plan regularly laid
out in squares. Lat. 42° 36' n. Long. 74° 58' M.]
[Cooper’s Town, Pennsylvania, is situated on
the Susquehannah river. This place in 1785 was
a wilderness ; nine years after it contained 1800 in-
habitants, a large and handsome church, with a
steeple, a market-house and a bettering house, a
library of 1200 volumes, and an academy of 64
scholars. Four hundred and seventy pipes were
laid under ground, for the purpose of bringing
water from West mountain, and conducting it to
every house in town.)

(COOP’S Town, in Harford county, Maryland,
lies 12 miles n. w. of Harford, and 22 n. e. of Bal-
timore, measuring in a straight line.)

(COOS, or Cohos. The country called Upper
and Lower Coos lies on Connecticut river, be-
tween 20 and 40 miles above Dartmouth college.
Upper Coos is the country of Upper Amonoo-
suck river, on John and Israel rivers. Lower
Coos lies below the town of Haverhill, s. of th«
Lower Amonoosuck. The distance from Upper
Coos, to the tide in Kennebeck river, was measured
in 1793, and was found to be but 90 miles.)

(COOSADES, an Indian town on Alabama
river, about 60 miles above its mouth, on Mobile
river, below M‘Gillivray’s town, and opposite
the mouth of the Oakfuskee.)

(COOSA Hatchee, or Coosaw, a river of S.
, which rises in Orangeburg district, and
running a 5. m. course, em.pties into Broad river
and Whale branch, which separate Beaufort island
from the mainland.)

(Coosa|COOSA, or Coosa Hatcha]]==, a river which
3 u