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when he was promoted to the bishopric of Carta-
gena in 1746, of which he took possession in the
following year, and governed until 1752, when
he was promoted to the church of Truxillo.

51. Doii Bartolome Narvaez y Berrio, canon of
this holy church of Cartagena, and native of this
country ; presented to this bishopric in^ 1752, and
governed here until he died in 1754.

52. The Doctor Jacinto Aguado y Chacon, ca-
non penitenciario of the holy church of Cadiz ;
elected in 1754, and promoted to the bishopric of
Arequipa before he embarked for this of Car-

33. Don Diego Antonio Valenzuela Faxardo,
native of the city of Santa Fe of Bogota; elected
in 1754 : he died in 1755.

34. The Doctor Don Manuel de Sosa Betancur,
archdeacon of the holy church of Caracas ; elected
in 1755 : he died in 1765.

35. Don Diego Peredo, native of the town of
Leon of Mechoacan ; elected in 1765, promoted
to the bishopric of Yucatan in 1722.

36. Don Augustin de Alvarado y Castillo ; pro-
moted to the bishopric of Santa Fe in 1774.

37. The Doctor t)on Bias Sobrino y Minayo ;
elected in 1774, and promoted to the archbishopric
of Quito in 1776.

38. Don Fr. Joseph Diaz de la Madrid, a monk
of the Order of St. Francis, native of the city of
Quito ; elected in 1 777.

Governors of Cartagena.

1. Don Pedro de Heredia, founder of the city ;
and its adelantado or governor, a native of Madrid,
and a valorous conqueror, in 1532.

2. The Licentiate Badillo, nominated J uez de
Residencia,; he exercised the government during
the commission in 1536.

3. The, Licentiate Santa Cruz, judge of another
second residence, who became adelantado in 1537.

4. The Licentiate Miguel Diez de Armendariz;
he entered in 1545, had for judge of his resi-
dence the Licentiate Juan de Montano, oidor of
Santa F<5, whom he sent to Spain.

5. Don Pedro de Heredia, who for the second
time was provisional governor until the year 1556,
when he died, being drowned in the fleet which
was wrecked in the Gordas sands.

6. The Doctor J uan de Maldonado, Jiscal of the
audience of Santa Fe in 1556.

7. Jorge de Quintanilla, provisionally nomi-
nated by the audience of Santa Fe.

8. The Brigadier Don Go'izalo Ximinez de
Quesada ; nominated by the audience as residen-
tiary to the three former, in the same year, 1556.

9. Antonio de Castro ; provisionally nominated.

10. Juan de Bustos Villegas, nominated by the
king ; he entered in 1 557, and was promoted to
the presidency of Panama in 1563.

11. Anton Davalos de Luna, a field-officer ; he
entered in 1563, and governed till 1567, when
he died.

12. Don Lope de Orozco, as provisional gover-
nor in the same year.

13. Francisco Bahamonde y Lugo ; he entered
in 1572, and died in 1573.

14. Hernan Suarez de Villalobos, nominated
provisonally by the audience of Santa Fe in 1574.

15. Pedro Fernandez del Busto, who entered in
the above year, and was promoted to the govern-
ment of Popayan in 1577.

16. Don Pedro de Lodena, in 1593.

17. Don Pedro de Acuna, knight of the order
of San Juan, field-officer, in 1601 ; he had the title
of president of the Philippines, and died the same

18. Don Geronimo Suazo Casasola, of the habit
of Santiago ; he died in 1605.

19. Don Francisco Sarmientode Sotomayor, no-
minated in the interim, in 1606.

20. Don Diego Fernandez de Valazco, in 1608.

21. Don Diego de Acuna, in 1614.

22. Don Garcia Giron de Loaysa, who governed
until 1620.

23. Don Diego de Escobar, knight of the order
of Santiago, who died whilst exercising the govern-

24. Don Francisco de Berrio, nominated in the
in the interim, in 1628.

25. Don Francisco de Murga, knight of the or-
der of Santiago, a field-officer, and celebrated
engineer ; appointed to fortify the Plaza, being
at the time governor of Marmora in Africa : h«
died in 1634.

26. Don Nicolas de Larraspuru, nominated in
the interim, in 1636.

27. Don Gonzalo de Herrera, Marquis of Vil-
lalta, nominated in the interim, in 1637, on account
of the former not having accepted the office.

28. Don Vincente de los Reyes Villalobos, pro-
visional governor in the same year, 1637, being the
governor of Moxos.

29. Don Melchor de Aguilera, a field-officer;
he entered in 1638, was suspended and called to
account by Don Bernardino de Prado, oidor of
Santa Fe.

30. Don Ortuno de Aldape ; being governor of
Muzo, he was nominated in the interim, in 1641.

31. Don Luis Fernandez de Cordova, of the or-