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he was at length persuaded to accept it by the ac-
clamations and remonstrances of all parties, and
especially of the vicar-general of his order; he
began to preside without being consecrated ; but
being yet full of scruples, he renounced the office,
and without permission returned to Spain ; h^ then
went to Koine, but being desired by his holiness to
return to his diocese, he was said to have been so
much affected as not to have been able to prevail
upon himself to enter the city : he returned, there-
fore, immediately to the coast, and embarked for
Florida, with a view of converting some of the
infidels ; and with this object he again set off for
Spain, in order to obtain his renunciation ; when
being at length tired with his wanderings, and
Avorn out Avith age, he died in his convent of To-
ledo in 1562.

5. Don Juan de Simancas, native of Cordova,
collegian of San Clemente de Bolonia ; he entered
in 1560, went to be consecrated at Santa Fe, and
upon his return, had the mortification to find that
the suburbs of Xiximani had been sacked by some
French pirates ; which disaster was again repeated
in the following year, 1561. This bishop, after
having governed his church for the space of 10
years, and suffering much from the influence of a
hot climate, left the see without a licence, and
returned to his country, where he died in

6. Don Ft. Luis Zapata de Cardenas, of the
order of St. Francis, native of Llerena in Estre-
madura, third commissary-general of the Indies ;
elected bishop in 1570, promoted to the archbi-
shopric of Santa Fe before he left Spain, and in his
place was chosen,

7. Don Fr. Juan de Vivero, a monk of the or-
der of St. Augustin, native of Valladolid ; he
passed over into America, was prior of the convent
of Lima, founder of the convent of Cuzco, elected
bishop, which he renounced ; nor would he ac-
cept the archbishopric of Chacas, to which he was
promoted : he died in Toledo.

8. Don Fr. Dionisio de los Santos, of the order
of Santiago, prior of the convent of Granada, and
provincial of the province of Andalucia ; elected
in 1573 : he died in 1578.

9. Don Fr. Juan de Montalvo, of the same order
of St. Domingo, native of Arevalo ; elected bishop,
he entered Cartagena in 1579, passed over to Santa
Fe to the synod celebrated there by the archbishop ;
and in 1583 had the mortification of seeing his
city sacked, plundered, and destroyed by Sir
Francis Drake; Avhich calamity had such a great
effect upon him, and well knowing noAV that he
had no means of relieving the necessities of the

poor, who were dependent upon him, he fell sick
and died the same year.

10. Don Fr. Diego Osorio, of the same order
of St. Domingo ; he went over as a monk to Car-
tagena, from thence to Lima and Nueva Espana,
received the presentation to this bishopric in 1587,
which he would not accept, and died in 1579, in

11. Don Fr. Antonio de Hervias, also a Domi-
nican monk, collegian of San Gregorio de Valla-
dolid, his native place, where he had studied
arts ; he passed over to Peru, and was the first
morning-lecturer in the university of Lima, ma-
nager of the studies, qualificator of the inquisition,
vicar-general of the province of Quito, and after-
wards presented to the bishopric of Arequipa,
then to that of Verapaz, and lastly to that of Car-
tagena, where he died in 1590.

12. Don Fr. Pedro de Arevalo, monk of the or-
der of St. Gerome ; he was consecrated in Spain,
and renounced the bishopric before he came to
take possession of it.

13. Don Fr. Juan de Ladrada, a Dominican
monk, native of Granada ; he A^'as curate and re-
ligious instructor in the Indies, in the settlements of
Suesca and Bogota, vicar-general of his religion
in the Nuevo Reyno de Granada, lecturer on the
sacred scriptures and on theology in Santa Fe,'
was consecrated bishop of Cartagena in 1596 : he
rebuilt the cathedral, established a choir of boys
and chaplains, and made a present of a canopy to
be carried by the priests over the blessed sacra-
ment when in procession ; he assisted at the foun-
dation of the college of the regulars of the society
of Jesuits, and of that of the fathers called the
barefooted Augustins, on the mountain of La
Popa ; he had the satisfaction of having for his
provisor the celebrated Don Bernardino de Al-
mansa, a wise and virtuous man, who was after-
Avards archbishop of Santa Fe ; he frequently
visited his bishopric, and after having governed
17 years, died in 1613.

14. Don Fr. Pedro de Vega, a monk of the
same order of St. Domingo, native of Bubierca
in the kingdom of Aragon, professor of theology
and of the sacred AA'ritings in the universities of
Lerida and Zaragoza ; he entered Cartagena as
bishop in 1614, and his short duration disappinted
the hopes he had so universally excited, for he
died in 1616.

15. Don Diego Ramirez de Zepeda, friar of the
order of Santiago, native of Lima, a renowned
preacher, and consummate theologist ; being at
Madrid, he was elected, and died before he could
reach the bishopric.