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America, having an excellent port, three leagues
in length, and in which there are many other
small islands. On the adjoining mainland there
is a river called De Salmones, (salmon), on ac-
count of its abounding with these fish, of which
indeed great quantities are taken, as they are es-
teemed the finest species of fish of any in that part
of the world .

Canseau, a small settlement of the same
island, which was burnt by the French in the war
of 1744.

Canseau, a cape of the same island, at the en-
trance of the straits, and also a sand-bank at the
mouth of them.

CANTA, a province and government of Peru,
bounded on the n. e. and e. by Tarma, on the w.
by Chancay, partly by the corregimiento of Cer-
cado, and on the s. by Huarochiri. It is 24
leagues in length n. to s. and 35 in width e. to w.
Its territory is generally uneven, being in the cor-
dillera. It has some deep pits or canals, on the
sides of which, and in small spots, they sow and
cultivate vegetables, fruits, and potatoes. The
breed of cattle is by no means inconsiderable here,
and there are to be found most of the wild animals
which are natives of the sierra, namely, vicuñas,
(wild goats), and sheep peculiar to these countries,
and differing from those of Europe. In this pro-
vince as well as in nearly all those of the sierra,
there is scarcely any wood for the purposes of
cooking, and this want is supplied by the use of
turf, which makes a lively fire, but which is very
apt to smoke. Those parts which are called que-
bradas, or rugged and uneven, are very sickly,
and are subject to two species of maladies com-
mon to other cold climates in this country ; the
one is that of warts, which not budding in due
time, often become exceedingly troublesome, and
even dangerous ; the other of corrosive sores,
shewing themselves particularly upon the face,
and are difficult to be cured, and which are attri-
buted to the sting of an insect called uta. Some
mines of silver were formerly worked here, which
were so abundant, that they used to render 200
marks each cajon, (an excavation of 20 feet square,
more or less), but these, from not being regularly
worked, are filled with water. Here are also two
hills of loadstone, as also some minerals of alum,
copper, and red lead. The following rivers take
their rise in this province : The Carabaya from the
lakes Tacaimbaba and Lorococha, which empty
themselves into the sea on the n. of Lima ; and
the Pasamayo, which runs to the s. of Chancay,
first receiving the waters of some hot medicitial
springs. Its corregidor used to receive a repar-


CAN 289

timiento of 125,000 dollars, and it paid yearly
1000 for alcavala.

The capital is a town of the same name, in lat.
11° 10' s. and its jurisdiction comprehends 62
others, which are,

Carhua, Arahuay,

Obrajillo, Anaica,

Parsamaria, Quiby,

Chaqui, Pirca,

Pamacocha, Cotoc,

Carhuacayan, Chaupic,

Yanta, Pampas,

Pari, Marco,

Uchayucarpa, Rauma,

Huaillas, Huacos,

Huasichao, Biscas,

Pacaraos, Yazú,

Uschaicocha, Yanga,

Santa Cruz, Baños,

Santa Catarina, Carae,

Chauca, San Agustin,

Rivira, Huamantanga,

Chupas, Sumbirca,

Culli, San Buenaventura,

Vircay, Huaros,

Atabillos Altos, San Lorenzo,

Pasa, Mayo,

Chisque, Alpamarca,

Huanoquin, Atabillos Baxos,

Cormo, Huaicoi,

Lampian, Puruchucu,

Pallas, Ama,

San Juan, San Joseph,

Quipan, Culluay,

Guandaro, Pampacocha,

San Miguel, Quizú.

CANTANABALO, a river of the province and
government of San Juan de los Llanos in the
new kingdom of Granada. It rises between the
Caviusari and the Sinaruco, and running nearly
parallel with them, enters into the Orinoco.

CANTERBURY, a fort of the province of
Hampshire, one of the four composing the colony
ofNew England. It is built on the shore of the
river Pennycook, and at the mouth of the water-
course formed by the lake Winnipisiokee.

[Canterbury, a township in Windham
county, Connecticut, on the w. side of Quinna-
baug river, which separates it from Plainfield.
It is seven miles e. by s. of Windham, and about
10 or 12 n. of Norwich.]

CANTLA, a small settlement of the head set-
tlement and alcaldía mayor of Cuquio in Nueva
España, situate on the n. of its capital.

[CANTON, a new township in Norfolk county,