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[Aaronsburgh lies at the head of Penn’s
Creek, Northumberland county, Pennsylvania ;
about SO miles w. from Lewisburgh, and 40 w. by
n. from Sunbury. Lat. 40° 52' 30" n. Long. 77°
SI' SO" O).]

ABACACTIS, or Abacaris,, a settlement of
Indians, of this name, in the province of the Ama-
, and in the part or territory possessed by the
Portuguese. It is a reduccion of the religious
order of the Carmelites of this nation, situate on
the shores of a lake of the same name. It lies
between this lake and a river, which is also so
called, and which is a large arm of the Madeira,
which, passing through this territory, afterwards
returns to that from whence it flowed, forming the
island of Topinambes.

[ABACO, one of the largest and most northern
of the Bahama islands, situate upon the s. e. end
of the Little Bahama bank. The Hole in the
Rock, or (as it is most commonly called) the
Hole in the Wall, is the most southern point of
the island, and bears about 18 leagues north from
the island of New Providence, about 9 or 10
leagues in a n. w. direction from Egg Island,
and about 10 or 12 in a n. e. direction from
the Berry islands. About 10 leagues to the n. of
the Hole in the Wall, on the e. side of the island,
is Little Harbour, the entrance to which is be-
tween the main land of Abaco and Ledyard’s Key,

VOL. I. ^


and within which there is good anchorage. There
is also an anchorage to the w. of the Hole in the

The island of Abaco is at present uninhabited.
In 1788 it contained about 50 settlers and 200
Negroes. The lands granted by the crown, pre-
vious to May 1803, amounted to 14,058 acres, for
the purpose of cultivation ; but the settlers who
occupied it have since removed. It contains great
quantities of the various kinds of woods which
are common to almost all the Bahama islands.

To the northward of Abaco, is a long chain of
small islands or keys, (including Elbow Key,
Man of War Key, Great Guana Key, the Gala-
pagos, &c. &c.) reaching, in a n. w. direction,
almost to the Matanilla reefs on the Florida
stream ; from whence the Little Bahama bank ex-
tends, in a southerly direction, to the west point
of the island of the Grand Bahama. [Lat. 2C°
22' n. Long. 77° 14' zo. See Bahamas.^

[ABACOOCHE, or Coosee, a large river, ris-
ing in the s. w. territory, passing into Georgia,
through the Cherokee into the Creek country,
where it unites with the Oakfuskee, and forms the

ABACQUA, a settlement of the province and
government of Buenos Ayres, situate on the shore
of the river Parana, near the spot where it enters
the Paraguay, to the e. of the city of Corrientes,