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building erected. A “shyster” lawyer or
a “quack” doctor are often employed on
account of saving in fees, but they
prove far more expensive in the end. In
like manner, the saving of $30,000.00 in
architect’s fees is not a reality unless it
appears to the extent in the compara-
tive values of the buildings erected. If
the buildings through bad judgment, er-
ror, and numerous other causes, cost thirty thousand dollars more
than they should have cost, then no saving was effected, and besides,
such errors and other marks of inferiority often produce losses which
cannot be estimated in dollars. No saving in architect’s fees could
ever justify a single important defect in design, construtcion, or plan,
as the building continues long after the fee has been forgotten.

It is with pride that the average reputable architect can point
to savings effected by him in engineering, in design, and in skilled
judgment, equal to or in excess of his entire fee. Furthermore, the
value of his services properly administered in designing, planning,
engineering and supervising an important building, which is to become
a monument reflectng the very civilization which produces it, cannot
be estimated in dollars. On the other hand, the effect of the Gov-
ernor's attitude is to discourage talent and integrity and to encourage
ignorance and graft in the architectural profession.There could be
only one result of such a program, the case in point a possible excep-
tion, namely, architectural monstrosities, building collapses and the
ultimate destruction of the architectural profession.

The last statement of the Governor in this connection, we believe,
is unworthy of his high office. He states that he could have “winked
the other eye” at some architect and split this alleged saving of
$30,000.00 and, “the public would never have been the wiser.” The
inference is that a “reputable” architect could be thus seduced. This
we deny. We also deny that the public would never have been the
wiser, as such deals are usually brought to light, if in no other way,
by the product of the architect of inferior ability and integrity
who would enter into such an agreement.

Members Present.
O. J. Lorehn, President.
H. A. Overbeck, First Vice-President.
C. C. Bulger, Second Vice-President.
Roy E. Lane, Third Vice-President.
W. J. Smith, Sixth Vice-President.
Fred C. Teich, Secretary-Treasurer.

“I understand,” said one of the neighbors to our own Mrs. PaPrtington, “that you had a lot of disputes with the contractor who put
the lighting into
your house.”
“Yes,” replied that good lady, “but I soon decided that I wasn’t
to be insulated by any little electrocutionist!”

Acme Brick Company History

This concern was organized 26 years ago with a plant at Millsap,
Texas, where they manufactured common brick almost entirely. In
1912 they discontinued common brick and since have devoted
their entire efforts to the manufacture and sale of facing brick. That


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