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same year they took over the plant of the Denton Brick
, located at Denton, Texas, and have developed an ex-
clusive facing brick plant there. In 1917 machinery was
installed for the manufacture of vitrified hollow build-
ing tile at both places, the Millsap plant being in full
operation at the present time.

The shale from which their brick are made is
selected under the supervision of experts and is housed
under large sheds with the capacity for storing sufficient
to make approximately 10,000,000 brick, which insures
their ability to run during long periods of bad weather.
The shale is ground, screened and prepared with the
latest improved methods preparatory to being moulded
into facing brick or hollow tile with the most modern machinery operat
ed by skilled mechanics.

After being moulded into the desired shape the ware is trans-
ferred to drying rooms where it is thoroughly dried by means of
waste heat drawn by means of large fans through tunnels from
kilns that have already been burned.

The material is then transferred to the kilns where the heat is
applied to it slowly in exact accordance with certain proven rules.
A system of electric pyrometers records the exact number of de-
grees of heat being developed every minute of the 150 to 175 hours
that thy are in the kilns. It is then cooled by drawing the heat away
through the tunnels to the “waste heat dryer.”

After the kiln has cooled sufficiently, if tile, it is put into stock,
if brick they are shaded by experienced shaders. This is one of the
most particular departments and it is here that our highest skilled
men are employed.

They carry a stock of finished brick at their two plants of from
ten to fourteen million brick which enables them to take care of any
size order promptly. They have the force of office men, traveling men and
and agents in all the larger cities, all working to the same end—service
to the architect builder.

Aside from material of their own manufacture, they are represen-
tatives of the following concerns:

Kansas Buff Brick & Manufacturing Co., Buffville, Kas.
United States Roofing Tile Co., Parkersburg, W. Va.
Thomas Moulding Brick Co., Chicago, Ill.
A. P. Green Fire Brick Co., Mexico, Mo.
Winkle Terra Cotta Co., St. Louis, Mo.
Tiffany Enamel Brick Co., Chicago, Ill.
B. Mifflin Hood Brick Co., Atlanta, Ga.
Kittanning Brick & Fire Clay Co., Pittsburg, Pa.
Elgin Standard Brick Co., Elgin, Texas.

The enormous capacity of their own plants, to-
gether with the above concerns, make it possible for
them to take care of the clay products requirements
of any building operation conceivable.
Headquarters and dispaly rooms, Fort Worth,
Branch office and display rooms, Acme Brick &
Supply Co.
, Dallas, Tex[]


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