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Moved by W. C. Dodson that Nat'l Tobey be invited to read a paper for the interest of the Association, motion prevailed.

Subject - Professional Practice

Fellows of the Texas State Association of Architects:

Gentlemen, two years ago at the solicitation of S. A. J. Preston of Austin, representing a committee of one, appointed by the Western Association of Architects to organize a state associaiton in Texas. I went to Austin for the purpose of assisting as far as I could in said organization.

We organized with twenty acknowledged charter members; elected officers; adopted contitution and bylaws [?]. Had a very pleasant and social meeting, and altogether a general good time, and started off with flying colors. Sometime in the early part of the following season some of our members happened to meet in Bosque County. They made a move mon the enemy and captured some territyory in what I consider a professional manner. Later in the season, some of them met in Fort Bend County, where they met the enemy again, and instead of standing shoulder to shoulder as

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