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more recent or late construction in that city, we can see at a glance the progress and advances that has been made in the beuaty and science of architevture. And the lone star state of Texas has kept pace with her sister states, so far as the opportunity has been presented to the architects to exhibit their skill and ability. And I will not for one moment hesistate to express my full convition from personal knowledge, that the state would have saved more than $100,000 had the wise salons at Austin employed one of our native Texas architects who presented plans for the new state house. Those gentlemen possessed all the skill and ability, and would have shown their competency to have done all they proposed and with a native pride, he would have seen the building grow under his own eye, as a child of his own creation - solid and secure from the first sone in its foundation to the apex of its dome, no uncertainty of its stability or strength of the building; no necessity of a committee of architects as experts, to allay the fears and apprehension of the people

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