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Afternoon session 2:30 pm

President called the meeting to order and the report of the com. on charter and [seal?] was received [&?] requesting further time in which to report which was granted

On motion it was decided to refer to the executive com. the question of drafting a final bill [repudiating?] the practice of architecture for presentation to the legislature -

It was moved and carried that this association hold its next regular meeting in Austin on the third Tuesday of January 1887.

On motion an appropriation of $75.00 was made for the purpose of procuring charter paying for [?] and [?] expenses -

The name of J J Caine of Fort Worth was proposed for membership in this Ass'in and on motion his name was added to the list of charter members -

The follow resolution was adapted

Resolved that the thanks of Texas State Ass'in of Archts be tendered to [W] Tom Smith for the use of the Parlors of the Hotel Brunswick for the meetings of this convention.

On motion the secty was authorized to
have printed five hundred copies
of the Constitution, By Laws and Rules of

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