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Afternoon session 2:30 pm

President called the meeting to order and the report of the com. on charter and [seal?] was received [&?] requesting further time in which to report which was granted

On motion it was decided to refer to the executive com. the question of drafting a final bill [repudiating?] the practice of architecture for presentation to the legislature -

It was moved and carried that this association hold its next regular meeting in Austin on the third Tuesday of January 1887.

On motion an appropriation of $75.00 was made for the purpose of procuring charter paying for [?] and [?] expenses -

The name of J J Caine of Fort Worth was proposed for membership in this [Ass'in.?] and on motion his name was added to the list of charter members -

The follow resolution was adapted

Resolved that the thanks of Texas State

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