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Texas State Association of Architects Minutes and Proceedings

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Constitution. 19

SEC. 5. The Executive Committee shall have control of the property and general interests of the association; shall receive and act upon nominations for members; receive complaints; give written admonition to any member whose conduct may appear to them to be injurious to the interests of the Association, or contrary to its By-Laws; and if in their opinion the nature of the offense requires it, may request him to resign; expel members of the Association for cuase; call all extra meetings; act as a Committee of Arbitration on questions submitted to it by members of the Association, and generally control the welfare of the Association and its interests, including the matter of state legislation, looking to the welfare and growth of the association. They shall keep a record of all their proceedings, and report the same at each annual meeting of the association. Appeals may be taken from the decisions of the Executive Committee, and all such appeals shall be to the Association. Three members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum, but a less number may adjourn from time to time. The President and Vice-Presidents, in order, shall be entitled to sit and vote at any time or place as members of the Executive Committee when necessary to form a quorum one or more of the regular members of the Executive Committee being present. Any such action shall be subject to the approval of the regular Executive Committee, and to appeal to the Association.


SECTION 1. It shall be the duty of the President, or in his absence the Vice-Presidents, to fill all vacancies which from any cause may occur in the Executive or any other committee.


SECTION 1. This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the fellows present at any meeting of the association; provided, that a notice of such proposed change shall have been mailed to each fellow by the secretary sixty days before the date of such meeting.

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There shall be a regular of the association on the third (3rd) Tuesday in January of each year, and at every such meeting the place of the next regular meeting shall be decided upon before adjournment. One-third of the members in good standing shall constitute a quorum; but a smaller number may adjourn from time to time. No member shall be considered in good standing if more than thirty days in arrears for his dues.


The meetings of this association shall be conducted according to "Robert's Rules of Order."


Any candidate for membership in this association shall send his application in writing to the Executive Committee, endorsed by two Fellows of the Association in good standing, and who are personally acquainted with the candidate.


When receiving an application for membership, the Executive Committee shall investigate the standing of the candidate, and shall, by ballot, admit or refuse him.

All discussion of applicants shall be strictly confidential. Any person so elected, who shall not within three after notice of his election, left or sent to this address, signify his acceptance and pay his proper fees and dues, shall be considered as having declined to become a member.


All Fellows -- including charter members -- of this association shall pay an initiation fee of five dollrs and annual dues of five dollars. Honorary members shall pay an initiation fee of twenty-five dollars and no dues. All dues ahll be payable within thirty days after each regular meeting, in default of which any member shall be liable to suspension or expulsion by the Executive Committee.


All officers shall be elected at the annual meetings of the association by majority ballot vote of the Fellows present. An officer shall be eligible to the same office not to exceed two (2) successive years, but all officers shall hold over until their successors shall be duly elected.


All papers and other records not considered by the Executive Committee as confidential shall be at all times open to the inspection of the Fellows of the Association.


The by-laws of this association may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Fellows present at any annual meeting, notice having been given as in the case of proposed amendments to the constitution.

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Includes all churches, school houses, opera houses, city halls, office buildings, colleges, club houses. court houses, exchanges or other public buildings, 5 percent.


For monumental and decorative work, and designs for furniture, a special rate in excess of the above.


Costing less than 1,000 dollars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 percent Costing 1,000 or over, and less than 2,000 dollars . . . . . 6 1/2 percent Costing 2,000 or over, and less than 3,000 dollars . . . . . 6 percent Costing 3,000 or over, and less than 4,000 dollars . . . . . 5 1/2 percent Costing 5,00 dollars and over . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 percent


Includes storage warehouses, freight depots, wholesale business houses when occupied a entirety, shops, mills and all general business buildings not built for general rental purposes.

Costing less than 5,000 dollars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 percent Costing 5,000 or over, and less than 10,000 dollars . . . . . . 4 1/2 percent Costing 10,000 or over, and less than 25,000 dollars . . . . . 4 percent Costing 25,000 or over, and less than 50,000 dollars . . . . . 3 1/2 percent Costing 50,000 or over . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 percent

In all classes of work fees are due and payable as follows:

20 percent of the fee for preliminary work when the same is complete and accepted or abandoned.

50 percent for preliminary work, plans and specification, when same are ready to invite bids on the work.

70 percent for all the above with details, when complete, or if with supervision, to be pro rata as payments are made to contractors on contract price.

In the event of abandonment or indefinite suspension of work, the architect is entitled to the full percentage for his serve, and upon every duplicate of his work. He may, however, make special agreement in such cases with his client in settlement.

For alterations and additions, an aadditional charge to be made for suveys and measurements.

An additional charge to be made for alterations or additions in ocntracts or plans, which will be valued in proportion to the additional time and service employed.

Necessary traveling expenses to be paid by the client.

Time spent by the architect in visiting for professional consultation, and in accompanying travel, whether by day or night, will be charged for, whether or not any commission, either for office work or supervising work is given. The architect's payments are exclusively due as his work is completed, in order of the above classificaitons. Until an actual estimate is received the charges are based upon the proposed cost of the works, and the payments are received as installments of the entire fee, which is based upon the actual cost.

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The architect bases his professional charge upon the entire cost (to the owner) of the building when completed, including all fixtures necessary to render it fit for occupation, and is entitled to additional compensation for the furniture or other articles designed, selected or purchased by the architect.

If any material or work used in the construction of the building be already upon the ground, or come in possession of the owner without expense to him the value of said material or work is to be added to the sum actually expended upon the buildings, before the architect's commission is computed.


The supervision or superintendence of an architect (As distinguished from the continuous personal superintendence which may be secured by the employment of clerk of the works) means such inspection by the architect, or his deputy, of a building or other work in process of erection, completion or alteration, as he finds necessary to ascertain whether it is being executed in conformity with his designs and specifixations, or directions, and to enable him to decide when the successive installments or payments provided for in the contract or agreement are due or payable. He is to determine in constructive emergencies, to order necessary changes, and to define the true intent and meanings of the drawings and specifications; and he has authority to stop the progress of the work and order its removal when not in accordance with them.


On buildings where it is deemed necessary to employ a clerk of the works, the remuneration of said clerk is to be paid by the owner or owners, an addition to any commissions or fees due the architect. The selection or dismissal of the clerk of the works is to be subject to the approval of the architect.


Consultation fees for professional advice are to be paid in proportion to the importance of the querstions involved, at the discretion of the architect.

None of the charges above enumerated cover professional or legal services connected with negotiations for sites, disputed party walls, right of light, measurement of work, or services incidental to arrangements consequent upon the failure of contractors during the performance of the work. When such service becomes necessary, they shall be charged for according to time and trouble involved.


Drawings and specifications, as instruments of service, are the property of the architect.

The office services shall consist of original and duplicate sets of drawing and specifications. Both originals and duplicates are included as the property of the architect.

The architectural association of Missouri also endorses the following resolution, passed by the Western Association of Architects.


Resolved, that in his relations to his clients and contractors, the architect should be an impartial arbitrator; and, that under no circumstances should he act as a special pleader for either party.

Resolved, that the relations between architects and clients should be confidential, and that no architect is worthy of employment who is unworthy of trust.

Resolved, that it is the sense of this association that it is desirable that the architect in all cases superintend the work designed by him.

Resolved, that in cases where for special reasons, the architect does not superintend the work designed by him, his responsibility ceases with the delivery and acceptance of the plans, unless by expert testimony it can be proven that the plans were defective.

The foregoing resolutions and schedule of charges are adopted by THE TEXAS STATE ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS.

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Meeting Aug 26/95 [(Beach hotel Goleston)] //159 upper left corner??

Moved by [(Wood)] seconded by [(Messer)] and carried unanimously by that the //strikethrough that the// Meirnlls ^ of 1895 be approved as read Present // open parenthesis on left side of text// [(Afred Meuller)] [(V. P. A H Messer)] [(Treas J R G)], Secy - [(A. O. Watson)], [(Tova Wood).

A vote of thanks ( be and is head) extended to [(vice-president Mueller)] for his elequent and able address, V.P. appointed [(A A Messer)] & Tova Wood upon Ex. comp Report of Escutiar of Committee upon appli[?] //strikethrough of and last word// [passed [oaton?] of [(T. S. Glover)], favorably; //strikethrough of first word// Elected unanimously_ Moved by [(Gordon)], seconded by Wood that a committee of three he apointed //strikethrough after the word of// petition, those submitted indevidually by the Members presentMoved by [(Messer )] [that secy ?] be instructed to send statements to all members requesting sentiment & reply - seconed by [(Glover)]

Moved by Muller [(Glover)] and seconde by Walsor [(Wood)] //strikethrough Muller, under Glover name// //strikethrough Walson Wood name// that the mext conversation be held at [(Goleston)] //strikthrough at Goleston// upon call of the President in August 1896- //strithrough in August//

Secretory instructed to write [(Owen Brainard)] 44 Be copies of Ethics

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Members Name Date of Election Year Initiation Fees 1886 1887
C. M. F Andrewartha. John Jany 19 1886
F Bristol, A. B. Jany 17 1888 5
C. M. F Beckman, Alfred J. Jany 19 1886 5 5 5
C. M. F Clayton, A. J. Jany 19 1886 5 5 5
F Clark, Cortez Jany 17 1888 5
C. M. F Dodson, W. C. Jany 19 1886 5 5 5
C. M. F Dickey, Geo. E. Jany 19 1886 5
C. M. F Dudley, W. W. Jany 19 1886 5 5 5
C. M. F Dawson, [A. N.?] Jany 19 1886 5
F [Diboll?], C. C. Jany 20 1891 5
C. M. F Hawkes, J. E. Jany 19 1886
F. Gordon, J. Riley Jany 15 1889 5
C. M. F Giled, Aflred Jany 19 1886 5 5
F Gill, C. J. Jany 20 1891 5
C. M. F Heiner, E. J. Jany 19 1886 5 5 5

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Meeting Waco Jan 7 - 94

Meeting called to order by [VP?] Herbert upon motion [Messer?] [?] Wood to both the chair.

Reading minutes dispersed with Reading presidents message dispersed with Reading report stand comte. dispersed with Reading report [?] ask for further time

Motion carried that dues for 93 and 94 be allowed to pass uncollected and enforce and [stand?] by [town?] for 1895.

Moved by Wood second by Messer that reules be suspended and [?] of resolution upon election of candidates be read 3 times. Carried by unanimous vote adopted as read. No new business

Members in good standing

Herbert - Messer - Wood - Gordon - Sanguinet - Rabitt

Election of officers - Postage 1.00 President Tom Wood. Vice President J. R. Gordon 2nd Vice President A. A. Messer Secy R. P. Herbert - Treas. M. R. Sanguinet Executive Committee P. A. Gill N. Tobey, P. A. Rabitt, McDonald A. R. Dawson Muller

Move that annual convention be held at Galveston any first Monday

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