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Mss Folio Gloss
A Presentation Miniature "Only"
Ad F58R ASG (in ornament) 1/2 demi / [v init] - [capit] lt: / ASG - "Verba compilatoris ad Regem."
As F37R top RMG (mod gloss) "This was dedicated to Henrie / Prince of Wales eldeȝt ȝonne / to Henrie the 4 kinge / of England and Sonne to / John of Gaunt Duke of / Lancaȝter above 200 / yeares ȝince" c=1610?
Bo Nothing, just initl lt
Cc F23R bot st
Co F15V col 2, 3d st Just initl
Di F104 R elaborate initial w. herald
Do F36R top rubric "Hic incipit prologus de Principum regimine.." + [omit] initl [word]
Du F37R top rubric "Sequitur prologus de Regi~e Principum." (+simpl & initl . [text])
Ed F37R noth. but capit.
Fi1 F84V only capitl
Fi2 F31V only capitl
Ga F29R top of pg only capt
Gg F36V top of only [--ust] in capitl
Ha1 F36R top rubric "Hic incipit prologus de principum regimine" + initl
Ha3 F106R 1st 2 stanz Rubric "Explicit dialogus inter Occlyff et mendicum" (+ in mod. hand RM: "Incipit [tractatus] de / regimine Principis." + [small demi - vinit] initl lt
Hh F36R full [cols?] etc Ornamental O (for H) [Band-ils?] uppr LM: 1) "Say trouthe be not fals" / 2) +at bottom left: "Tells no talis" / 3) + bot ctr: "Whanne þ[ei] begynnyſt a thyng, thynk on the endynge."
Hn1 F59R RMG top "Incipit Prologus de / principum regimine" / +penned lt
Hn2 F32R Top ASR "Hic Incipit prologus de prin. regi~e." + in later hand, RMG, Foames? -Iennes: /.
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Mss Folio Word 1 Word 2 Word 3 Word 4 Word 5 Word 6 Word 7
A leered and lewde eek &#383anden al []leche
Ar F59r leerid and lewd[] . --e bien vnto hir liche
Ad lered and lewde &#383anden alle yliche
As lerned and lewed eke / ben vnto hir liche
Bo lerned as lewed eke been to hir liche
Cc lernyd & lowd ek been[] to hir lych
Co lered and lewde al&#383o &#383onden []liche
Di leryd and lewde
Do leered and lewyd /
Du lerid and lewd[]
Ed leered & lewde
Fi1 lerned and lewde / bene eke vn to hir leche
Fi2 lernde [] lewde
Ga lernyd and lewid
Gg lerned and lewd
Ha1 leered and lewid
Ha3 leryd and lewd
Ha4 lerd and lewde
Hh lernyd and lewyd al&#383o [erasure]
Hn1 lered and lewd / eke
Hn2 lered and lewed eeke
Kk lernyd and lewde eke
La lernyd as
Ma Lered &
Ne lered and
Na lered and
Qu lerid and
Ra1 leerid and
Ra2 lered and
Ro Lered and
Ry1 lerid and
Ry2 lered and
Ry3 leered and
Ry4 lered &
Se lerned and
Sj Lerned and
Sl1 lerned and
Sl2 lernyd and
So Lernid &
Tc lerned and
Ya lernyd as
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Mss Folio Word 1 Word 2 Word 3 Word 4 Word 5 Word 6 Word 7 Word 8
A MVſynge vpon the reſtlees byſynesse
Ar Muſyng vpon the reſteles buſynes
Ad Mvſing vpon the reſtles beſyneſſe
As MVſynge vpon the reſteles beſynes
Bo Muſyng opon the reſtles beſynes
Cc Muſyng opon þe reſtles beſineſſe
Co Muſinge vpon the reſtles beſineſſe
Di Muſyng vpon the reſteles byſynesse
Do (ILLEG) vpon the reſtles biſyneſſe
Du Muſinge vpon the Reſtles biſineſſe
Ed MVſynge vpon þe reſteles beſeyneſſe
Fi1 lacking until l. 66
Fi2 Muſyng vpon the reſtles beſyneſſe
Ga Muſing uppon the reſteles byſynes
Gg Muſing vpon the reſtleſſe beſines
Ha1 Muſyng opon þe reſtles byſynes
Ha3 Muſyng of the reſtlees beſyneſſe
Ha4 [17RC ] Musyng up on the reſtles biſyneſse
Ha5 F204R Muſing vpon the reſtlees beſineſſe
Hh Muſyng vpon the reſtles beſineſſe
Hn1 Muſyng vpon the reſtles beſynes
Hn2 Muſyng vpon the reſteleſſe beſyneſſe
La Muſyng~ vpon the reſtles byſynes
Ne Muſyng opon þe restles biſyneſſe
Na F80R Muſyng uppon the reſtleſſe beſines
Qu Muſyng vpon the reſtles beſynes
Ra1 [F1R]
Ro Muſyng vpon the reſtles biſyneſſe
Ry1 []uſyng vpon the restles beſyneſſe
Ry2 Muſyng vpon the reſtles beſyneſſe
Ry3 MVſynge vp on the reſtelees byſynesse
Ry4 MVſynge upon the reſtles beſyneſſe
Se LACKING TO l. 897
Sj Muſing vpon the reſteles beſyneſſe
Sl1 []uſyng vpon the reſtlees biſyneſſe
Sl2 MVſynge the reſtelees buſyneſſe
So [MS DAMAGE] reſtles beſineſſe
Tc Muſinge vpon the reſtles beſyneſſe
Ya Muſyng~ vpon þe reſtles byſynes
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