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Mss Folio Word 1 Word 2 Word 3 Word 4 Word 5 Word 6 Word 7
A leered and lewde eek &#383anden al []leche
Ar F59r leerid and lewd[] . --e bien vnto hir liche
Ad lered and lewde &#383anden alle yliche
As lerned and lewed eke / ben vnto hir liche
Bo lerned as lewed eke been to hir liche
Cc lernyd & lowd ek been[] to hir lych
Co lered and lewde al&#383o &#383onden []liche
Di leryd and lewde
Do leered and lewyd /
Du lerid and lewd[]
Ed leered & lewde
Fi1 lerned and lewde / bene eke vn to hir leche
Fi2 lernde [] lewde
Ga lernyd and lewid
Gg lerned and lewd
Ha1 leered and lewid
Ha3 leryd and lewd
Ha4 lerd and lewde
Hh lernyd and lewyd al&#383o [erasure]
Hn1 lered and lewd / eke
Hn2 lered and lewed eeke
Kk lernyd and lewde eke
La lernyd as
Ma Lered &
Ne lered and
Na lered and
Qu lerid and
Ra1 leerid and
Ra2 lered and
Ro Lered and
Ry1 lerid and
Ry2 lered and
Ry3 leered and
Ry4 lered &
Se lerned and
Sj Lerned and
Sl1 lerned and
Sl2 lernyd and
So Lernid &
Tc lerned and
Ya lernyd as