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2 The Southern Chapter, A. I. A.

Letters of approbation and commendation were read from the following named architects, who for various reasons could not be present: C. C. Burke, and James B. Cook, of Memphis, Tenn.; Alexander Blair, of Macon, Ga.; L. G. DeLisle, Thomas Sully, Albert Toledano, Paul Andry and S. R. Duval, of New Orleans, La.; A. DeLisle of Chattanooga, Tenn.; M. J. Dimmock, and Carl Ruehrmund, of Richmond, Va.; W. T. Cotter, of Jacksonville, Fla.; Frank Niernsee, of Columbia, S. C.; J. F. Hutcheson, of Mobile, Ala.; H. C. Thompson, of Nashville, Tenn.; T. H. Maddox, W. S. Smith, J. L. Rousseau, Harry Wheelock, and Charles Wheelock, of Birmingham, Ala.; J. F. Baumann, of Knoxville, Tenn.; L. E. Thornton, of Mayesville, Miss.; N. J. Clayton, of Galveston, Tex.; A. S. Eichberg, of Savannah, Ga.; and J. G. Longstreet, of Gainesville, Ga.

On motion of Mr. Lind the Chair appointed a committee of three (3) members on Constitution and By-Laws, for the purpose of organizing the Southern Chapter of the American Institute of Architects; and the following committee was appointed; Messrs. Lind, Helmich and Tinsley; and after due deliberation, the Committee made their report, and upon the motion of Mr. Bruce it was determined that the Constitution and By-Laws recommended, be read and adopted by sections.

The Constitution and By-Laws and the Schedule of Charges, etc., after having been read and fully discussed, and adopted by sections, were in each case adopted as a whole.

On motion of Mr. Lind, the meeting adjourned to eight (8) o'clock this P. M.

Night Session: According to adjournment, the meeting reassembled at eight o'clock this evening, with Mr. Woodruff in the chair, who stated that the first business for consideration was the election officers for the ensuing year, and upon the motion of Mr. Helmich, who placed the name of Mr. Bruce in nomination for the office of President, the Secretary was requested to cast the vote of this Chapter, which resulted in the election of Mr. A. C. Bruce as the President.

Upon the motion of Mr. Nixon, who placed the name of Mr. Goodrich in nomination for the office of Vice-President, the Secretary was requested to cast the vote of this Chapter,

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Southern Chapter of the American Institute of Architects,


BIRMINGHAM, ALA., JAN. 10th, 1893.

The Second Annual Convention of the Southern Chapter of the American Institute of Architects was called to order January 10, 1893, at 12 o'clock M., in the parlors of the Caldwell Hotel, Birmingham, Ala., by Mr. A. C. Bruce, of Atlanta, Ga., President.

On behalf of the architects of Birmingham, an address of welcome was made by Mr. Chas. Wheelock, and also by Mr. Fox, Mayor of Birmingham, and was responded to by the President and Vice-President.

A recess was then taken.

2.30 P. M. On reassembling the roll was called and the following Fellows were in attendance upon the Convention, viz.: A. C. Bruce, Atlanta, Ga.; D. B. Woodruff, Macon, Ga.; W. S. Smith, Birmingham, Ala. T. H. Maddox, Birmingham, Ala.; D. A. Helmich, Birmingham, Ala.; Chas. Wheelock, Birmingham, Ala.; L. F. Goodrich, Augusta, Ga.; C. C. Burke, Memphis, Tenn.; E. G. Lind, Atlanta, Ga.; Jas. M. Maddox, Birmingham, Ala.; W. P. Tinsley, Lynchburg,.Va.: F. L. Rousseau, Birmingham, Ala.

The President, Mr. A. C. Bruce, of Atlanta, delivered the following address:

Officers, Members and Friends of the Southern Chapter:

It is with pleasure I meet you at this our second annual convention, and in laying down the office to which your partiality elevated me a year ago, it seems proper that I should briefly describe what we have endeav-

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