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Texas State Association of Architects Correspondence

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RATES $2.50 TO $5.00 PER DAY

[Building image] STATE HEADQUARTERS T.P.A.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, [blank] 189[blank]

J. Riely Gordon V.P. + acting President of Tex State Assn Archts.

I have to report the death of two of our much valued members Tom Woods of Sherman President of the Association and Alfred Muller of Galveston one of the Vice Presidents of the Association.

The Executive Committee has the pleasure to report favorably upon the enclosed application of Mr H.A. Overbeck of Dallas, Texas,


Burt McDonald

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Gill, Moad & Gill Architects & Superintendents Rooms 304 and 305, Cockrell Building,

Dallas, Texas, Jan 19 1891

To the Executive Co. T. S. A. Arch (?)


I beg to make application for membership in the Texas State Assoc of Architects agreeing to abide by its constitution and laws (?)

Truly yours, J. S. Moad

Albert [?] Accepted Geo. W. Stewart (?)

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AIA Southern Chapter Proceedings

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Western brethren in the profession and reap the benefits to be derived from a united interest in our chosen profession.

I will close by quoting a sentence taken from the Journal of Architecture, of Philadelphia, which expresses fully the object of our assembly to-day; "Architects as a fraternity should, by their intermingling and interchange of ideas, by their unremitted and unanimous action, and, if possible, in a broad and all-embracing organization, working from within by and upon its membership, attempt to render the methods and practice of architecture more uniform, raise the average standard of design, and by making all true criteria of architectural merit more generally known and more universally adopted, pave the only highway to the popularity of true architecture which seems at present to be open."

The President: 'The next thing in order is the report of the Board of Directors.

The Secretary : As sec'y of the Board of Directors I wish to state that but one meeting of the Board of Directors was held in 1892, which occurred at Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 1st. At this meeting the letter ballot, similar to that used by the A. I. A. was adopted. The Board of Directors also instructed the Secretary to have a Certificate of Membership engraved with such conditions shown in its face as render it void after the following annual meeting, a copy of which, properly filled out, to be given to each Fellow, upon the full payment of all dues for the current year. A copy of this certificate is herewith submitted for your consideration. It was further ordered that Fellows of the A. I. A. requesting membership in this Chapter be excused from furnishing photographs or other drawings as evidence of their professional ability, but in other respects the application blank to be filled out by each applicant and endorsed in the usual way.

The Board of Directors held a meeting this morning prior to the assembling of this Convention, and after considering the applications filed in proper form with the Secretary, they recommend for membership the following named architects, viz.: W. E. Hall, Winston, N. C.; Tom Wood, Sherman, Tex.; C. H. Read, Jr.., Richmond, Va.; G. W. E. Field, Richmond, Va.; J. G. Barnwell, Rome, Ga.; C. C. Wilson, Roanoke, Va.; J. W. McClain, Birmingham, Ala.; E. W. Smith, Lexington, Ky.; Geo. W. Stewart, Dallas, Texas ; Harry D. Breeding, Huntsville, Ala.; P. S. Rabbit, Galveston, Tex.; J. A. Tempest, Houston, Tex.; W. A. Bird, Bir-

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